Preprint 92/2018

Associated noncommutative vector bundles over the Vaksman-Soibelman quantum complex projective spaces

Francesca Arici, Piotr M. Hajac, and Mariusz Tobolski

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Submission date: 29. Oct. 2018
Pages: 10
MSC-Numbers: 46L80, 46L85, 58B32
Keywords and phrases: K-theory, noncommutative vector bundle, compact quantum group, Peter–Weyl decomposition, principal comodule algebra
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By a diagonal embedding of U(1) in SUq(m), on the prolongated bundle. Then we prove that the noncommutative vector bundles associated via the fundamental representation of SUq(m), for m ∈{2,,n}, yield generators of the even K-theory group of the C*-algebra of the Vaksman–Soibelman quantum complex projective space Pqn.

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