Preprint 14/2019

Finer Distribution of Quantum Correlations among Multiqubit Systems

Zhi-Xiang Jin and Shao-Ming Fei

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Submission date: 11. Feb. 2019
Pages: 12
published in: Quantum information processing, 18 (2019) 1, art-no. 21 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s11128-018-2137-x
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We study the distribution of quantum correlations characterized by monogamy relations in multipartite systems. By using the Hamming weight of the binary vectors associated with the subsystems, we establish a class of monogamy inequalities for multiqubit entanglement based on the αth (α 2) power of concurrence, and a class of polygamy inequalities for multiqubit entanglement in terms of the βth (0 β 2) power of concurrence and concurrence of assistance. Moveover, we give the monogamy and polygamy inequalities for general quantum correlations. Application of these results to quantum correlations like squared convex-roof extended negativity (SCREN), entanglement of formation and Tsallis-q entanglement gives rise to either tighter inequalities than the existing ones for some classes of quantum states or less restrictions on the quantum states. Detailed examples are presented.

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