Preprint 62/2019

Entanglement-breaking of quantum dynamical channels

Long-Mei Yang, Tao Li, Shao-Ming Fei, and Zhi-Xi Wang

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Submission date: 30. Jul. 2019
Pages: 9
published in: Quantum information processing, 18 (2019) 7, art-no. 231 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1007/s11128-019-2349-8
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Entanglement is a key issue in the quantum physics which gives rise to resources for achieving tasks that are not possible within the realm of classical physics. Quantum entanglement varies with the evolution of the quantum systems. It is of significance to investigate the entanglement dynamics in terms of quantum channels. We study the entanglement-breaking channels and present the necessary and sufficient conditions for a quantum channel to an entanglement-breaking one for qubit systems. Furthermore, a concept of strong entanglement-breaking channel is introduced. The amendment of entanglement-breaking channels is also studied.

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