Preprint 53/2020

A Sufficient Entanglement Criterion Based On Quantum Fisher Information and Variance

Qing-Hua Zhang and Shao-Ming Fei

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Submission date: 08. May. 2020
Pages: 13
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We derive criterion in the form of inequality based on quantum Fisher information and quantum variance to detect multipartite entanglement. It can be regarded as complementary of the well-established PPT criterion in the sense that it can also detect bound entangled states. The inequality is motivated by Y.Akbari-Kourbolagh et al.[Phys. Rev A. 99, 012304 (2019)] which introduced a multipartite entanglement criterion based on quantum Fisher information. Our criterion is experimentally measurable for detecting any N-qudit pure state mixed with white noisy. We take several examples to illustrate that our criterion has good performance for detecting certain entangled states.

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