Preprint 8/2020

Trade-off Relation among Genuine Three-qubit Nonlocalities in Four-qubit Systems

Li-Jun Zhao, Lin Chen, Yu-Min Guo, Kai Wang, Yi Shen, and Shao-Ming Fei

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Submission date: 19. Jan. 2020
Pages: 12
published in: Physical review / A, 100 (2019) 5, art-no. 052107 
DOI number (of the published article): 10.1103/PhysRevA.100.052107
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We study the trade-off relations satisfied by the genuine tripartite nonlocality in multipartite quantum systems. From the reduced three-qubit density matrices of the four-qubit generalized GHZ states and W states, we find that there exists a trade-off relation among the mean values of the Svetlichny operators associated with these reduced states. Namely, the genuine three-qubit nonlocalities are not independent. For four-qubit generalized GHZ states and W states, the summation of all their three-qubit maximal (squared) mean values of the Svetlichny operator has an upper bound. This bound is better than the one derived from the upper bounds of individual three-qubit mean values of the Svetlichny operator. Detailed examples are presented to illustrate the trade-off relation among the three-qubit nonlocalities.

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