Discrete Biomathematics

Peter F. Stadler
External Scientific Member
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Research Topics

  • Combinatorial Landscapes
    Fitness landscapes can be seen as a kind of potential functions f:X → R on finite, but intractably large search spaces (X,τ), where τ is some generalized topology. In the simplest... more >>>

  • Chemical Reaction Networks
    Chemical Reaction Networks form special types of directed hypergraphs. Since hyperedges correspond to chemical reactions, there is, in particular a close connection the representations of chemistry as graph... more >>>

  • Product-like Discrete Structure
    Product-like discrete structures appear e.g. in an attempt to model phenotypic evolution. This has lead to the question when a graph can be approximated either globally or locally as a non-trivial... more >>>

  • Relationships between Graphs and Networks
    In biological applications one if often concerned with graphs that capture different aspects of the same information and thus share structural features. We ask here, in a more general setting, under which conditions... more >>>

  • Mathematical Models of Language Evolution
    Darwinian evolution in biological systems in determined by the interplay of mutation and selection, i.e., the generation of effectively random generation of variation and the differential propagation of variants in... more >>>
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