Tensors and Optimization

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Institute publications of the group


A. Agrachev ; K. Kozhasov and A. Uschmajew: Chebyshev polynomials and best rank-one approximation ratio. Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 34/2019 [ARXIV] Green Open Access

M. Pfeffer ; A. Uschmajew ; A. Amaro and U. Pfeffer: Development of data fusion techniques for the integration of multi-domain genomic data from uveal melanoma. Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 42/2019 Green Open Access

A. Uschmajew and B. Vandereycken: Geometric methods on low-rank matrix andtensor manifolds. Bibtex [PDF] Green Open Access

M. Eigel ; M. Marschall ; M. Pfeffer and R. Schneider: Adaptive stochastic Galerkin FEM for lognormal coefficients in hierarchical tensor representations. Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 47/2018 [ARXIV] Green Open Access

P. Gelß ; S. Matera ; R. Schneider and A. Uschmajew: Low-rank approximability of nearest neighbor interaction systems. Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 82/2018 Green Open Access

A. Uschmajew and B. Vandereycken: On critical points of quadratic low-rank matrix optimization problems. Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 58/2018 Green Open Access


S. Hosseini ; D. R. Luke and A. Uschmajew: Tangent and normal cones for low-rank matrices. Nonsmooth optimization and its applications / S. Hosseini... (eds.). Springer Birkhäuser, 2019. - P. 45-53 (International series of numerical mathematics ; 170) Bibtex [DOI] [FREELINK] Green Open Access

S. Hosseini ; B. S. Mordukhovich and A. Uschmajew (eds.): Nonsmooth optimization and its applications. Springer Birkhäuser, 2019. - VII, 149 p. (International series of numerical mathematics ; 170) ISBN 978-3-030-11369-8 Bibtex [DOI]

M. Pfeffer ; A. Seigal and B. Sturmfels: Learning paths from signature tensors. SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications, 40 (2019) 2, p. 394-416 Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 78/2018 [DOI] [ARXIV] Green Open Access

Z. Li ; Y. Nakatsukasa ; T. Soma and A. Uschmajew: On orthogonal tensors and best rank-one approximation ratio. SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications, 39 (2018) 1, p. 400-425 Bibtex [DOI] [ARXIV] [PDF] Green Open Access

I. V. Oseledets ; M. Rakhuba and A. Uschmajew: Alternating least squares as moving subspace correction. SIAM journal on numerical analysis, 56 (2018) 6, p. 3459-3479 Bibtex [DOI] [ARXIV] [PDF] Green Open Access

W. Hackbusch ; D. Kressner and A. Uschmajew: Perturbation of higher-order singular values. SIAM journal on applied algebra and geometry, 1 (2017) 1, p. 374-387 Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 51/2016 [DOI] [PDF] Gold Open Access

W. Hackbusch and A. Uschmajew: On the interconnection between the higher-order singular values of real tensors. Numerische Mathematik, 135 (2017) 3, p. 875-894 Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 62/2015 [DOI] Gold Open Access

S. R. Chinnamsetty ; H. Luo ; W. Hackbusch ; H. Flad and A. Uschmajew: Bridging the gap between quantum Monte Carlo and F12-methods. Chemical physics, 401 (2012), p. 36-44 Bibtex MIS-Preprint: 68/2011 [DOI] [PDF] Green Open Access
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