The Mathematics and Computer Science behind Games and Puzzles (Research--Outreach)

  • Lecturer: Erika Roldan
  • Date: postponed to winterterm 2023/24
  • Room: MPI MiS A3 01
  • Audience: All Scientific and administrative staff could participate.
  • Language: English (translation in German, French, or Spanish if people needs/asks)
  • Remarks: On the road there will be workshops on science communication (one on writing, one on video game production, and one on short film productions).


This lecture is postponed to the winter term 2023/24.
In this course, we will explore the mathematical and computational modeling of games, video games, and puzzles developed as part of research projects in mathematics and computer science. These include sliding puzzles, colored cubes, tessellation problems, and art gallery problems with towers and queens. We will learn about tools from combinatorics, discrete configuration spaces, discrete geometry, algorithmic reasoning, discrete probability theory, combinatorial game theory, artificial intelligence, and more. As part of the course, there will be research and outreach proposed projects. You will get experience developing your own outreach and popularizing mathematics and its application activities. On the road, you will develop new skills and practice in communicating your ideas and sharing your passion for mathematics with a broad audience.

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Regular lectures: Summer semester 2023

07.06.2023, 02:30