Algebraic operads, Koszul duality and Gröbner bases: an introduction

  • Lecturer: Pedro Tamaroff
  • Date: Friday, 09.00-10.30
  • Room: MPI MiS A3 01
  • Audience: The course is aimed at advanced MSc students and PhD students.
  • Keywords: algebraic operads, Gröbner bases, Koszul duality, higher structures
  • Prerequisites: We intend for the course to be as introductory as possible, so we will review any necessary material depending on the background of the participants, or provide necessary references. Nonetheless, some knowledge of basic homological algebra, algebraic topology, and representations of finite groups will be useful.


This lecture series aim to offer a gentle introduction to the theory of algebraic operads and related topics, starting with the elements of the theory, and progressing slowly towards more advanced themes, including (inhomogeneous) Koszul duality theory, Gröbner bases, and higher structures. The course will consist of approximately 12 lectures, along with extra talks by willing participants, with the goal of introducing extra material to the course, and making them more familiar with the theory. In particular, participants will be encouraged to read (parts of) accessible research articles and present them during the last sessions of the lecture series. More information at

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Regular lectures: Winter semester 2021/2022

21.03.2022, 02:30