Zusammenfassung für den Vortrag am 09.06.2020 (15:15 Uhr)


Aleksandr Logunov (Princeton University)
Nodal sets, Quasiconformal mappings and how to apply them to Landis’ conjecture

A while ago Nadirashvili proposed a beautiful idea how to attack problems on zero sets of Laplace eigenfunctions using quasiconformal mappings, aiming to estimate the length of nodal sets (zero sets of eigenfunctions) on closed two-dimensional surfaces. The idea have not yet worked out as it was planned.

However it appears to be useful for Landis' Conjecture. We will explain how to apply the combination of quasiconformal mappings and zero sets to quantitative properties of solutions to $\Delta u + V u =0 on the plane, where $V$ is a real, bounded function. The method reduces some questions about solutions to Shrodinger equation $\Delta u + V u =0$ on the plane to questions about harmonic functions.

Based on a joint work with E.Malinnikova, N.Nadirashvili and F. Nazarov.

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11.06.2020, 02:30