Zusammenfassung für den Vortrag am 02.02.2021 (17:45 Uhr)

Nonlinear Algebra Seminar Online (NASO)

Juliette Bruce (University of California, Berkeley)
The top weight cohomology of \(A_g\)
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I will discuss recent work calculating the top weight cohomology of the moduli space \(A_g\) of principally polarized abelian varieties of dimension g for small values of g. The key idea is that this piece of cohomology is encoded combinatorially via the relationship between the boundary complex of a compactification of \(A_g\) and the moduli space of tropical abelian varieties. This is joint work with Madeline Brandt, Melody Chan, Margarida Melo, Gwyneth Moreland, and Corey Wolfe.


18.10.2021, 14:54