Zusammenfassung für den Vortrag am 22.12.2021 (11:00 Uhr)

Arbeitsgemeinschaft ANGEWANDTE ANALYSIS

Gael Diebou Yomgne (Universität Bonn)
On low regularity problems: the elliptic and parabolic theory

In this talk I plan to present new solvability techniques for elliptic

problems subject to boundary data assuming a minimal regularity property.

These techniques heavily rely on certain harmonic analysis tools and

recent progress in the theory of function spaces. As an illustration, I

will discuss the solvability theory for the weakly harmonic map system

into a compact manifold (which is a "borderline" problem). Applications in

the parabolic setting will also be mentioned with a particular focus on

the chemotaxis Navier-Stokes equations.


24.12.2021, 00:12