Zusammenfassung für den Vortrag am 03.08.2022 (10:00 Uhr)

Mathematical Software Seminar

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Reproducibility in Non-Linear Algebra

Have you ever tried to run someone else’s code and failed? Have you had to reinvent the wheel for a sentence in a paper claiming ’a short calculation in my favourite programming language shows that claim xy is true’? In this short workshop we will discuss these questions, giving an introduction to reproducibility and what it means for computational non-linear algebra. We will organise an interactive part during which you, the audience, will try and reproduce research data you find on MathRepo. Bring your own laptops for this part! And we will tell you about MaRDI, a big German iniative which develops infrastructure for research data (code, software, computations,...) in mathematics.

This workshop is organized by Alexander Elzenaar, Christiane Görgen and Lars Kastner and is part three of a series of workshops we run this summer, which also includes www.mis.mpg.de/calendar/lectures/2022/abstract-34204.html and www.mis.mpg.de/calendar/lectures/2022/abstract-34203.html.


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