Zusammenfassung für den Vortrag am 14.07.2022 (09:15 Uhr)

SAXAG seminar

Avi Steiner (Purdue University)
"Symmetrizing" logarithmic derivations with respect to matroid duality

Of interest to people who study both hyperplane arrangements and commutative algebra are the homological properties of the module of logarithmic derivations of a hyperplane arrangement A. I will introduce the "ideal of pairs", which is a sort of "symmetrization" of this module of logarithmic derivations with respect to matroid duality. This is an ideal which simultaneously "sees" many of the homological properties of both the arrangement and its dual.

Please register with Christian Lehn. Corona restrictions at TU Chemnitz require a proof according to 3G-rule as well as wearing a FFP2 mask during the talk.


16.07.2022, 00:09