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Networks: From Biology to Theory

Editors: J. Feng, J. Jost, and M. Qian
Springer London, 2007

Table of Contents

Part I: Theory

1. The Category of X-Nets (Andreas Dress)

2. Networks with Delays (Fatihcan M. Atay)

3. Dynamical Networks (Jürgen Jost) (PDF, 310 Kb)

Part II: Applications in Neuroscience

4. Neuronal Computation Using High-Order Statistics (Jianfeng Feng)

5. Neuronal Model of Decision Making (Benoit Gaillard, Jianfeng Feng, and HilaryBuxton)

6. Estimation of Spike Train Statistics in Spontaneously Active Biological NeuralNetworks (Henry C. Tuckwell and Jianfeng Feng)

7. Physiology and Related Models of Associative Visual Processing (Reinhard Eckhorn, Alexander Gail, Basim Al-Shaikhli, Andreas Bruns, Andreas Gabriel, and Mirko Saam)

8. Gestalt Formation in a Competitive Layered Neural Architecture (Helge Ritter, Sebastian Weng, Jörg Ontrup, and Jochen Steil)

Part III: Applications in Bioinformatics

9. Regulatory Signals in Genomic Sequences (Sonja J. Prohaska, Axel Mosig, and Peter F. Stadler)

10. Dynamic Properties of Cell-Cycle and Life-Cycle Networks in Budding Yeast (Fangting Li, Ying Lu, Tao Long, Qi Ouyang, and Chao Tang)

11. Understanding Protein-Protein Interactions: From Domain Level to Motif Level (Huan Yu, Minping Qian, and Minghua Deng)

12. An Efficient Algorithm for Deciphering Regulatory Motifs (Xiucheng Feng, Lin Wan, Minghua Deng, Fengzhu Sun, and Minping Qian)

13. The Stochastic Model and Metastability of the Gene Network (Yuping Zhang and Minping Qian)

14. Messenger RNA Information: Its Implication in Protein Structure Determination and Others (Liaofu Luo and Mengwen Jia)

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