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News of the MPI MiS

With polytopes to an excellent dissertation (26.05.2023)

Marie-Charlotte Brandenburg successfully completed her doctorate on the “Tropical Positivity and Semialgebraic Sets from Polytopes”. She will remain at the MPI as a postdoc in the Math Machine Learning Group. Heartfelt congratulations!

Learn more about Marie's research and career >>>

Inaugural Colloquium of the Center for Mathematical Physics (25.05.2023)

Massimiliano Gubinelli from the University of Oxford gave the first colloquium talk of the recently founded Center for Mathematical Physics in Leipzig. With over 130 scientists in attendance, Gubinelli highlighted new directions and open problems in stochastic analysis.

Find out more about the vision and the people behind this initiative of MiS and the University of Leipzig >>>

Wolfram Barfuss appointed Professor for Sustainable Futures (23.05.2023)

We are proud to announce that Wolfram Barfuss, a former postdoc of Jürgen Jost, has been appointed Professor in the transdisciplinary research area Innovation and Technology for Sustainable Futures at the University of Bonn. Prof. Barfuss will integrate different research areas such as complex systems, artificial intelligence and social ecology by developing mathematical models for collective learning to reveal key factors to enable the transformation to sustainability. Congratulations to Wolfram on this exciting new appointment!

Read the Uni Bonn Press Release >>>

Sayan Mukherjee awarded Humboldt Professorship (12.05.2023)

Sayan Mukherjee is one of 12 top international researchers to receive Germany's most valuable research award, the Alexander von Humboldt Professorship. On the occasion of the award ceremony, we also published an interview with his colleagues from the Learning and Inference Research Group at MiS

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Summer School on PDEs and Randomness Kicks Off (10.05.2023)

Our Summer School on PDEs and Randomness has officially started and will run for the next two weeks! This is the largest event of its kind yet at the institute. Young researchers will be introduced to cutting-edge topics at the interface of PDEs and probability theory.

Check out the program >>>

Journey to the Final Structure: New Paper Reveals Six Stages of Periodic Table Development (03.05.2023)

Guillermo Restrepo and his colleagues describe the six steps the periodic table took to converge on its final structure. Their findings have just been published in the Nature journal Communications Chemistry.

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Head Your Own Max Planck Research Group with Substantial Funding (26.04.23)

The Max Planck Society is seeking research group leaders. Successful candidates will lead their own group for six years with the possibility of a three-year extension. Enjoy a world-class research environment, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and intellectual freedom. Funding includes a German W2 position and up to 2 million euros for the initial six years. Apply Now!

Engagierte studentische Hilfskräfte gesucht (19.04.23)

Für die Abteilungen Forschungskoordination & Öffentlichkeitsarbeit und IT suchen wir zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt zwei engagierte studentische Hilfskräfte (m/w/d). Werde Teil eines anstehenden Projektes und unterstütze uns bei der Überführung und Überarbeitung der bestehenden Intranetseiten. Nutze diese Chance, um wertvolle praktische Berufserfahrung in einem Forschungsinstitut zu sammeln und deine Fähigkeiten zu erweitern.

Leonie Kayser: The First Face of Math Planck People (12.04.2023)

Research at our Institute is as diverse and multifaceted as the people who pursue it. Our new portrait series puts a face to the research topics and introduces the personalities that make up our institute - our scientists. It is our pleasure to introduce the first face of Math Planck People: Leonie Kayser.

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Eliana Duarte: Embracing Life in Germany (30.03.2023)

Eliana Duarte was interviewed by Gudrun Thäter for DMV-Mitteilungen about what it means for her, who calls other parts of the world home, to now be living and working in Germany. She took the time to tell us about her positive experiences, but also about the difficult ones.

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Abel Laureate Luis A. Caffarelli to speak at "Shocking Developments" conference on June 28 (24.03.2023)

Congratulations to Luis A. Caffarelli for being honored with the prestigious Abel Prize!

We are thrilled to announce that Mr. Caffarelli will be visiting our Institute in June, where he will be speaking at our conference Shocking Developments: New Directions in Compressible and Incompressible Flows.

Honorary Doctorate for Jürgen Jost (13.03.2023)

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to science and education in Vietnam, our director Jürgen Jost has been named an honorary doctor of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. Sincere congratulations!

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Raffaella Mulas shares her perspective on International Women's Day (08.03.2023)

Happy International Women's Day! In honor of today, we interviewed one of our outstanding female scientists Raffaella Mulas. Join us in celebrating the achievements of all the powerful, intelligent, and wonderful women around the world!

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Mathenacht aus Bonn und Leipzig (01.03.2023)

Am 14. März ist der Internationale Tag der Mathematik. Gemeinsam mit dem Hausdorff Center for Mathematics feiern wir den „Pi-Day“ mit einem Nachmittag und einer Nacht voller Mathematik. Seien Sie dabei und feiern Sie mit!

Mehr >>>

Science Show zu Games, Gamer*innen & Mathematik (23.02.2023)

Zu einer Science Show rund um das Thema Gaming und Mathematik laden das ScaDS.AI Dresden/Leipzig und das MiS am 02. März um 19:00 Uhr ins Zeitgeschichtliche Forum Leipzig in der Grimmaischen Straße 6 ein. Der Eintritt ist kostenlos.

Mehr >>>

Angkana Rüland appointed to Hausdorff Chair (13.02.2023)

We are thrilled to share the news that our former Research group leader Angkana Rüland will take up a prestigious Hausdorff Chair professorship at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (HCM) in Bonn.

Read more in the HCM press release >>>

Congrats on successful dissertation (09.02.2023)

Congratulations to Nono Saha Cyrille Merleau on the successful defense of his PhD thesis on the computational study of RNA folding. Nono Saha will join ScaDS.AI as a postdoc, where he will continue to explore biological systems.

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Benjamin Gess secured coveted ERC grant (02.02.2023)

Research group leader and University of Bielefeld Mathematics professor Benjamin Gess received a European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant for his research in Stochastic partial differential equations. Gess and his team will be using the 2 million Euro, 5-year funding to reveal which universal properties connect stochastic systems. The ERC Consolidator Grant is highly sought after, with only 14% of applications being successful this time.

Read more on the Bielefeld University website >>>

Future proof — Raffaella Mulas on the way to Amsterdam (01.02.2023)

The next step in her scientific career will take our group leader Raffaella Mulas to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she has been appointed Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics. Congratulations and all the best for the future!

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Anna Wienhard recognized for exceptional research with Hector Science Award (30.01.2023)

Our director Anna Wienhard is the recipient of the Hector Science Award for her outstanding research in mathematics. Founder Dr h.c. Hans-Werner Hector inducted her into the Academy, which now comprises 28 Hector Fellows who are jointly committed to interdisciplinary top-level research and to promoting young scientists in Germany.

Read more on the Hector Fellow Academy website >>>

Tobias Ried awarded for outstanding teaching (27.01.2023)

Our group leader Tobias Ried was honored for his special commitment to teaching by the physics faculty of LMU Munich with the "Golden Sommerfeld".

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Samantha Fairchild honored with Walter Benjamin Fellowship (16.01.2023)

Great news at the start of the new year comes from our postdoc Samantha Fairchild. She was awarded a two-year Walter Benjamin Fellowship of DFG (German Research Foundation) for her research on the “Analysis of discrete sets arising from geometry” - a perfect opportunity to run her own research program at our institute.

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Describing how fluids flow - Tristan Buckmaster appointed Professor at University of Maryland (16.01.2023)

Congratulations and best wishes go to our former IMPRS student Tristan Buckmaster who has to announce a great career step. In July last year he was appointed Professor of Mathematics at the University of Maryland.

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Gauß Lecture in Leipzig: "Discrete or Continuous?" (15.11.2022 | Last Update 16.12.2022)

László Lovász, professor at Eötvös Loránd University and Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest, gave the distinguished Gauß lecture on the topic Discrete or Continuous?, the question of the continuous nature of our world from a mathematical perspective. This ceremonial event of the German Mathematicians' Association (DMV) was framed by a historical foray on the Gauß-program by Renate Tobies and accompanied musically by the Jazz duo Timm-Brockelt

Have a look at the recording of the lecture >>>

Summa cum laude for Wilmer Leal (14.12.2022)

Congratulations to Wilmer Leal! His exploration of the chemical space has earned him the highest honor that can be achieved for a Ph.D. thesis - summa cum laude.
We all are incredibly proud!

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Congrats to our new Doctors rer. nat. (01.12.2022)

Once again, we are happy to announce that three of our students took a big career step and successfully defended their PhD theses. Congratulations to Chiara Meroni, Henrik Eisenmann, and Daniel Schliewe!

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Future proof — André Uschmajew (25.11.2022)

In October, our former research group leader André Uschmajew moved to the University of Augsburg, where he took over the chair of Mathematical Data Science. We would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best in his new position.

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Interview with our Director em. Wolfgang Hackbusch (20.11.2022)

24 years ago, Professor for mathematics at the University of Kiel Wolfgang Hackbusch was appointed Scientific Member of the Max Planck Society and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences. In an interview with our former research group leader Prof. André Uschmajew, he shares his very personal thoughts on his intensive time at our institute, the field of mathematics and the future of science.

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Ladyzhenskaya lecture returns with a talk by Mimi Dai (29.09.2022 | Last update 28.10.2022)

On October 12th Mimi Dai of the University of Illinois discussed Ladyzhenskaya’s favorite topic: the mathematical theory of incompressible fluids. Prof. Dai delved into the history and pioneering work on the Navier-Stokes equation, as well as presented recent results on the regularity and large-time behavior of solutions.

Have a look at the recording of the lecture >>>

Auspicious fall (20.10.2022)

We are proud to announce that our students Pablo Linares Ballesteros, Felix Gaisbauer, and Florian Kunick defended their dissertations at the University of Leipzig with great success. Congratulations and best wishes for your future career!

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Well wishes to the Nobel laureate Svante Pääbo (04.10.2022)

Heartfelt congratulations to our Max Planck colleague from Leipzig, Svante Pääbo. The director at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology was awarded this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his spectacular achievement in deciphering the Neanderthal genome.

Read the MPG press release >>>

Interview with Lisa Sauermann (19.09.2022)

Our group leader Raffaella Mulas had the chance to talk to MIT professor Lisa Sauermann about her work in combinatorics and her passion for mathematics.

Read the interview for European Women in Mathematics (EWM) >>>

StuKon22 impressions (10.08.2022)

A heartfelt thank you to all participants, students, lecturers, and supporting companies for three #StuKon22 conference days full of lectures, workshops, inspirations, exchange and prospects for a future career as mathematicians.

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Future proof — Tenure track positions for our postdocs (09.08.2022)

We are proud to announce that our postdocs Mima Stanojkovski, Carlos Améndola, and Marvin Hahn successfully acquired tenure track positions at prestigious European Universities. Congratulations! Discover more career paths of MiS researchers in our Future proof column.

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Research brief on optimal transport and the matching problem (03.08.2022)

A new research brief was just published by Lukas Koch, who is a scientist in the Otto group and works on regularity questions in the Calculus of Variations and nonlinear PDEs. The topic is optimal transport, or the problem of finding the most efficient way to distribute materials, and its connection to harmonic approximation.

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Georg Martius receives ERC Consolidator Grant (29.07.2022)

Our former postdoc Georg Martius, who leads the Autonomous Learning Group at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, was awarded a Consolidator Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). He can look forward to a grant of two million euros for his research goal of creating versatile and dexterous robots.
Congratulations to Georg and his team!

Martina Hofmanová awarded Minkowski Medal (28.07.2022)

Warmest congratulations to our former scientist Martina Hofmanová. She has been awarded the Minkowski Medal by the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung (DMV). This award goes to young scientists who have gained international recognition through outstanding scientific work. Martina Hofmanová is a professor of mathematics at the University of Bielefeld and conducts research in the field of stochastic partial differential equations.

Heinz Gumin Prize ceremoniously presented to Wolfgang Hackbusch (26.07.2022)

In a festive award ceremony the Carl Friedrich von Siemens foundation presented the Heinz Gumin Prize for Mathematics to our director emeritus Wolfgang Hackbusch. With this highest endowed prize for mathematics in Germany, the foundation honored his pioneering contributions to numerical mathematics, in particular to the development of H-matrices.

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Wilmer Leal meets Nobel laureates (06.07.2022)

Wilmer Leal was nominated by the Max Planck Society to join this year’s Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting – a great honor and a perfect opportunity for scientific exchange with both distinguished Nobel laureates as well as young scientists from all over the world.

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Impressions of "Mathematical Concepts in the Sciences and Humanities" (22.06.2022)

A heartfelt thanks to all speakers, participants, organizers, and supporters who made our conference “Mathematical Concepts in the Sciences and Humanities” in honor of our director Jürgen Jost an exceptional experience. Recordings of the talks are now available on the conference homepage.

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PhD positions available in applied algebra and geometry (13.06.2022)

Our institute welcomes applications for PhD positions in applied algebra and geometry. The projects are offered by the Numerical Nonlinear Algebra group, the Tropical Geometry and Computer Algebra group, and the Algebraic Statistics group.

Center for artificial intelligence approved (23.05.2022)

We are very proud to be part of the Konrad Zuse School of Embedded Composite AI (SECAI) which will be established under the lead of TU Dresden as one of three centers for artificial intelligence in Germany. In addition to outstanding research, the project aims to enable young talents to enjoy excellent, research-based education across disciplines and locations and, at the same time, an application-oriented opportunity for career paths in business.

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Max Planck Partner Group in Brazil (01.07.2021 | Last update 20.05.2022)

We are happy to announce the launch of a new Max Planck Partner Group in Brazil with focus on geometry and probability in dynamical systems. Led by Christian S. Rodrigues, the group will work in close cooperation with our director Jürgen Jost and his group members. MPG vice president Klaus Blaum just presented the certificate of appointment this week.

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Jing An & Georgiana Chatzigeorgiou interviewed for International Day for Women in Mathematics (12.05.2022)

May 12 is the International Day of Women in Mathematics in honor of brilliant mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani. For this 4th edition, Jing An & Georgiana Chatzigeorgiou from Felix Otto's group offer some career insights as female mathematicians.

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Stanislav Kazmin was awarded his Ph.D. for his research on correlated disorder in statistical models (11.05.2022)

Our IMPRS student Stanislav Kazmin successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis in theoretical physics on the correlated disorder in statistical models at the University of Leipzig. Congrats, Dr. Kazmin, and our best wishes for the future!

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Research Spotlight — Putting current research center stage (28.05.2021 | Last update 06.05.2022)

Our institute represents a great variety of research topics that affect current developments both within the natural sciences as well as social and economic life. In our column Research Spotlight MiS scientists are presenting key ideas and giving insights into recent developments of their research in a short video format.

The latest research spotlight features the work of Markus Tempelmayr on a diagram-free approach to the stochastic estimates in regularity structures. Markus explores Hairer's regularity structures and constructs and stochastically estimates the renormalized model in an analytic and top-down instead of combinatorial and bottom-up approach.

Welcome to the new Alexander von Humboldt Professor Sayan Mukherjee (03.05.2022)

We are happy and proud to welcome Sayan Mukherjee as an Alexander von Humboldt Professor at the University of Leipzig and as a Max Planck fellow at our institute.

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Time to rearrange (25.04.2022)

In the latest issue of “Spektrum der Wissenschaft”, Guillermo Restrepo gives an excellent overview on the evolution of the periodic system, its mathematics and different representations. His research solves the long-lasting question on the mathematical structure of the system and generalizes the periodic system as an abstract object of applicability in other sciences.

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Birthday conference in honor of Jürgen Jost (22.04.2022)

We dedicate an entire conference week on Mathematical Concepts in the Sciences and Humanities to our founding director Jürgen Jost to celebrate his outstanding scientific achievements and 65th birthday.

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Future proof — Paul Breiding (20.04.2022)

In April our group leader Paul Breiding moved to the Mathematical Institute at Osnabrück University. He is now a professor for mathematical methods in the data sciences. We would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best in his new position. Learn more about his work and life at the institute and his aspirations for the future in our Future proof column.

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Storing and sharing research data with MathRepo (07.04.2022)

MathRepo offers mathematicians a central infrastructure to store and publicly share supplementary material for their paper publications. In Computeralgebra Rundbrief, Claudia Fevola and Christiane Görgen published an article on the recent developments of the repository and its role within the research data initiative MaRDI.

Read More >>>

Oceans out of balance? Max Planck lecture with Ian Hatton (04.03.2022)

We cordially invite you to the public lecture "Oceans out of balance? How industrialized fishing affects the secret mathematical laws of nature" by Ian Hatton on March, 23 at 6:00 pm.

Read more >>>

SAXAG Algebraic Geometry initiative starts with Postdoc call (25.02.2022)

The joint project SAXAG plans to establish a network connecting research in algebraic geometry across Saxony. They welcome applications for three Postdoc positions in Leipzig and Chemnitz.

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Guido Montúfar selected as Sloan Research Fellow in Mathematics (15.02.2022)

The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has awarded Guido Montúfar a prestigious two-year $75,000 fellowship for his mathematical machine learning research.

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New year, new scholarships (25.01.2022)

We are very proud that our scientists Lukas Barth and Arthur Bik were able to start the new year with prestigious grants. Congratulations!

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Future proof — Jonas Sauer joins Uni Jena as Junior Professor (20.01.2022)

Our former postdoc Jonas Sauer has accepted a junior professorship for Analysis at Jena University. The university recently featured him in an article about his new position and a novel podcast concept geared towards early-career researchers.

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Episode 12 - Felix Otto and our commitment to the future (17.01.2022)

With a look towards the future, delivered as a speech by our director Felix Otto at the summer party of our institute, we would like to end our 25 years of MiS column. With a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved and all interested readers. And of course, with best wishes for your future. Your MPI MiS

Marzieh Eidi has successfully completed her doctorate on the shape of data (14.01.2022)

Congratulations to Marzieh Eidi on the successful defense of her PhD thesis "Topological and Geometric Methods with a View Towards Data Analysis."
Best wishes for your future career Marzieh!

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Simon Telen receives prestigious Veni grant (20.12.2021)

Our postdoc Simon Telen was honored with the Dutch Veni grant for highly promising young scientists. The 280 000 Euro grant allows him to further elaborate his research project “New frontiers in numerical nonlinear algebra” at the CWI Amsterdam. Congratulations!

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Episode 11 - Our computational hardware over the years (14.12.2021)

Cutting-edge mathematical research takes place primarily in the minds of our scientists. But without the appropriate hardware and computing power, many of their ideas cannot be realized. In this episode of our 25 years of MiS column we explore the server hardware our scientists used for computational mathematics over the years.

Can optical art relieve or cure certain mental illnesses? (29.11.2021)

This question aroused the curiosity of artist Youri Messen-Jaschin after noticing peculiar effects on some people appreciating his art. He initiated a book project combining optical art and scientific research to which our group leader Noémie Combe contributed a mathematical point of view on optical illusions.

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25 years of MiS - Wolfgang Hackbusch and the world of hierarchical matrices (24.11.2021)

In the latest iteration of our 25 years of MiS column, we feature our director emeritus Wolfgang Hackbusch and look at a critical component of his work. Hierarchical Matrices are a fundamental mathematical tool to solve large systems of equations with various unknowns that are ubiquitous in the natural sciences and data science.

The first mathematical research-data workshop (16.11.2021)

We recently hosted the the first MaRDI workshop with 25 in-person and a total of 38 online participants. MaRDI is an acronym for the German Mathematical Research Data Initiative. This initiative is realized by fifteen big research institutions across Germany, with the WIAS in Berlin taking the leadership and the University of Leipzig and the MPI MiS as local partners.

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Open position as Max Planck Research Group Leader (11.11.2021)

We are currently looking to fill a Max Planck Research Group Leader position starting in October 2022. The appointment is on a W2 level (comparable to associate professor without tenure) for five years. We are looking for an internationally recognized scholar with a research profile in algebra, geometry, and their applications.
The application deadline is January 15, 2022.

Max Planck on Wheels cycling to the finish line (02.11.2021)

A big thank you to all the cyclists from the three Leipzig MPIs for riding 19,344 kilometers together. With this achievement, we secured our place in the top 20 teams in the city and also received a small honor.

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25 years of MiS - Eberhard-Zeidler-Library (12.10.2021)

The latest addition to our 25 years of MiS column shines the spotlight on our ever popular library and the plethora of services it offers. Take a look at some facts and figures and watch a short slideshow of some impression of the libary since its dedication as the Eberhard-Zeidler-Library in 2017.

Manneken Pis-thagoras (04.10.2021)

For the first time in his life, on September 24th, 2021, the famous Manneken Pis was dressed as a mathematician. Inspired by the "father of geometry" Pythagoras, a team of researchers with participation of our postdoc Mima Stanojkovski has created this special suit for Brussel's best-known icon.

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Mathematics in the Sciences Day (24.09.2021)

Our institute was founded 25 years ago, on October 1, 1996. We celebrate this anniversary with a special one-day symposium whose title matches the institute's name "Mathematics in the Sciences".

Please join us virtually on October 1, 2021 from 11 am to 5 pm.

Max Planck Sabbatical Award for Venkat Chandrasekaran (08.09.2021)

Venkat Chandrasekaran, Professor in Computing and Mathematical Sciences and in Electrical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, was awarded a Max Planck Sabbatical Award by the Max Planck Society. The award enables him to establish a close cooperation with our institute during a one-year research stay in Leipzig. With his own local research group, he studies convex objects that arise in applications like convex optimization and data science.

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25 years of MiS - 2009 - Robots - The Clever Things! (26.08.2021)

The most recent episode of our 25 years of MiS column takes a look back on an article about self-learning robots and features an interview with one of its authors Nihat Ay on the occasion of his appointment as director of the Institute for Data Science Foundations.

Future proof — Congrats on the appointment at TU Hamburg (24.08.2021)

In April 2021, our former group leader Nihat Ay was appointed professor at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) and Head of the Institute for Data Science Foundations as part of the Hamburg Innovation Port.

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What is consciousness? - New paper by Jürgen Jost (20.08.2021)

Consciousness is a subjectively experienced phenomenon that continues to be heavily debated amongst scientists and philosophers. While it is correlated with neurophysiological processes and neuroanatomical structures its exact nature remains elusive. In his latest paper our director Jürgen Jost approaches the very different aspects of consciousness from the conceptual framework of information theory.

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25 years of MiS - 2017 - Bernd Sturmfels appointed as new director (22.07.2021)

The latest episode of our 25 years of MiS column features our acting director Bernd Sturmfels and gives a brief glimpse into his academic career followed by a more fully featured video interview.

Making optimal use of mathematical research data (12.07.2021)

Our institute will be part of the "Mathematical Research Data Initiative" MaRDI. This consortium aims to set standards for certified mathematical research data, the design of confirmable workflows, and it provides services for the scientific community.

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New Alexander von Humboldt Professorship for Artificial Intelligence 2022 – Sayan Mukherjee nominated (02.07.2021)

The University of Leipzig, in cooperation with the MPI MiS, has attracted Germany's most valuable research award: Professor Sayan Mukherjee has been nominated for an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship 2022.

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25 years of MiS - Annual highlights (16.06.2021)

The Max Planck Society unites a broadly diversified scientific universe, each year it presents an report on its activities across the research spectrum. In this episode of our 25 years of MiS column, we present our contributions to the MPG yearbook.

Panel discussion on the democratization & polarization potential of Social Media (09.06.2021)

The ODYCCEUS research project will recapitulate years of research in its final conference next week. The conference will conclude with a public discussion panel on Social Media — Democratization or radicalization engine? that will be livestreamed on our Youtube channel. Join the discussion with experts on online behavior, extremism & politics today at 8pm.

Start for the ODYCCEUS Podcast - Social Networks as a Crisis Barometer (07.05.2021 | Last update 07.06.2021)

The ODYCCEUS research project will soon reach its conclusion as part of the Online Conference - The Computational Analysis of Cultural Conflict. Until then, the project's scientists will provide insights into their research around social processes and opinion dynamics in a regular podcast series (unfortunately only available in German).

The final ODYCCEUS podcast episode introduces an interactive tool to navigate the sheer endless complexity of Twitter discourse networks and explores how its implementation might help identify dangerous fringe groups.

25 years of MiS - Facts & Figures (19.05.2021)

What would a mathematical institute be without facts and figures? For this addition to our 25 years of MiS column, we have rummaged through our databases, gathered some statistics, and wrapped them all up in a neat infographic.

COVID-19 Data Analysis with a special report for Europe (05.05.2021)

It has been more than a year since the inception of our regular COVID-19 Data Analysis Update, and while updates now only occur every week, it remains relevant today. In order to properly assess the current situation, Hoang Duc Luu and Jürgen Jost have written a special report for the pandemic situation in Europe. The report details the statistical basis for the wave-like resurgence of infection numbers, goes into the issues of estimating the number of recovered individuals, and explains age group-dependent dynamics.

Read more >>>

25 years of MiS - A cool paperclip (30.04.2021)

In this iteration of our 25 years of MiS column we would like to show you a short clip of the little paperclip that could change back to its original shape after being pushed and pulled. Please read the article and watch the short movie to learn about these shape memory materials and the protagonist who worked on their mathematics at the institute.

Research brief on investigating Terao's freeness conjecture with computer algebra (21.04.2021)

Lukas Kühne, who works in the Sturmfels group on hyperplane arrangements, matroids and tropical geometry has just published a new research brief. This brief deals with a problem from computational mathematics, the problem of scanning (finite but) large sets of certain objects. Based on a database of such objects with some of their invariants, recognized patterns and questions may lead to working hypotheses or even proofs by inspection. Lukas describes an instance of this principle in an ongoing research project with Mohamed Barakat in which they investigate hyperplane arrangements through a database.

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Nihat Ay is the new Editor-in-Chief of INGE (15.04.2021)

Congratulations to Nihat Ay! He was appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Springer journal on Information Geometry.

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Episode 3 - "This institute is an essential piece of my life" Interview with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jost (08.04.2021)

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Jost founded our institute in 1996 together with Prof. Dr. Eberhard Zeidler and Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller and accompanied it as director and working group leader through the entire 25 years. We are very pleased that he shares some memories, thoughts and inspirations with us in this interview as part of our 25 years of MiS column.

25 years of MiS - In memory of our founding director Professor Eberhard Zeidler (22.03.2021)

We dedicate today's article to an outstanding scientist, warm-hearted human being, leadership mentor, and extraordinary communicator of mathematics - our founding director, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Eberhard Zeidler.

Take a look back at our history and let’s share some memories in our 25 years of MiS column.

International Day of Mathematics 2021 (12.03.2021)

Coming Sunday, March 14, is the International Day of Mathematics – a worldwide celebration of the essential role that mathematics and mathematics education plays in breakthroughs in science and technology, improving the quality of life, empowering women and girls and much more.

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Mathematical highlights of this year's International Women's Day (08.03.2021)

We would like to celebrate the International Women's Day by featuring a variety of mathematical news and events dedicated to this occasion. There is a special column on female pioneers in science by the MPG, featuring an interview with Noémie Combe. You can also attend a panel discussion on gender balance in mathematics by the EWM.

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Future proof - Career step towards Portugal for Eliana Duarte (05.03.2021)

A big step in her scientific career awaits our former postdoc Eliana Maria Duarte Gelvez. In Portugal, she was able to acquire one of five highly coveted fellowships in the field of mathematics and computer science. This now gives her the opportunity to continue her research in the field of algebraic geometry at a host institution of her choice - the Centro de Matemática of the Universidade do Porto.

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Research brief on the magnetization ripple (03.03.2021)

Tobias Ried and Pavlos Tsatsoulis, who work in the Otto group on stochastic quantisation and singular SPDEs among other things have just published a new research brief on the magnetization ripple. They describe the basics of the micromagnetic model and explain the mathematics of the 'universality' in the structural pattern.

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25 years of MiS - That’s how we started (01.03.2021)

25 years ago to this day, our first research group, "Methods of Mathematical Physics" led by Professor Eberhard Zeidler, was launched.
Warmest thanks to all the excellent scientists, guests and staff members who made our MPI one of the most renowned mathematical research institutions worldwide.

Take a look back at our history and let’s share some memories in our 25 years of MiS column.

Paul Breiding awarded early career prize (16.02.2021)

The SIAM Activity Group on Algebraic Geometry has awarded Paul Breiding their Early Career Prize for his distinguished contributions to the field. The selection committee recognizes the current substitute Professor of Computer algebra at the University of Kassel for his "extraordinary work on geometric, statistical, and algorithmic aspects of tensors and their applications". The prize will be officially awarded at the 2021 SIAM Conference on Applied Algebraic Geometry in August.
We’d like to congratulate Paul on this outstanding achievement and would like to take the opportunity to announce his return to the institute as Emmy Noether group leader coming April.

Congrats on Successful Dissertation Defense (12.02.2021)

Congratulations to Mahsa Sayyary Namin on the successful defense of her PhD thesis “Real Algebraic Geometry of the Sextic Curves” which took place online at the University of Leipzig. We are very proud and wish her all the best and much success in her new position as a postdoc at the Mathematical Institute at Goethe Universität Frankfurt.

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Let's celebrate Women and Girls in Science (11.02.2021)

Today on February 11 is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science – a perfect day to celebrate the achievements of all ladies working in science related fields. And it is a perfect day for us to announce our institutional membership in the European Women in Mathematics (EWM). We are very proud to be part of this association promoting the role of women in mathematics and invite you to join a variety of events happening today.

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Polarization in social media - MPG Interview with Eckehard Olbrich & Sven Banisch (09.02.2021)

Eckehard Olbrich and Sven Banisch were interviewed as part of an MPG focus issue on online hate speech. The two scientists are investigating how opinions are formed in social media and to what extent this leads to increased polarization as part of the Odycceus project (Opinion Dynamics and Cultural Conflict in European Space). The interview (only available in German) goes into the goals of the project, the possibilities of analyzing social processes using mathematical methods and artificial intelligence, and the difficulties they face.

Quadratisch Praktisch Gut, die mathematische Weihnachtsvorlesung (10.12.2020)

Leider konnten wir in diesem Schuljahr keine Projekttage und Veranstaltungen an unserem Institut anbieten. Mit der quadratisch-praktisch-guten Weihnachtsvorlesung unseres Direktors Prof. Bernd Sturmfels möchten wir aber gern ein wenig Wissenschaft in die Schulen bringen.

Wir wünschen eine frohe und besinnliche Weihnachtszeit und wir bedanken uns bei allen Lehrkräften für die großartige Arbeit!

Successful autumn (02.12.2020)

During the last weeks, our IMPRS students Tim Seynnaeve, Paul Görlach, Konstantinos Zemas and Orlando Marigliano successfully defended their dissertations at the University of Leipzig. We are very proud and happy that all of them already left us for attractive academic Postdoc positions. Congratulations!

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The mathematics behind the Corona news coverage (05.05.2020 | Last update 25.11.2020)

Our director Felix Otto and Professor Silvia Schöneburg-Lehnert (Mathematical institute, Leipzig University) have started a short video series (in German) with the aim of providing a basic introduction for some mathematical terminology that comes up in the news coverage regarding Corona.

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Congrats to our "Woman of Science" Raffaella Mulas (09.11.2020)

Raffaella Mulas, who successfully finished her PhD studies at our institute recently, has been honored in her home of Sardinia with a special award. In 2020 she was declared “Donna di Scienza giovani”. Raffaella dedicates this award to her PhD supervisor Prof. Jürgen Jost and to her Master's thesis supervisor Prof. Ngoc Mai Tran who are “the best guides and sources of inspiration I could wish for during my studies.”

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Future proof — Mateusz Michałek (19.10.2020)

After countless publications, the composition of an extensive book on Nonlinear Algebra and many fruitful mathematical discussions Mateusz Michałek has left the institute for a new position at the University of Konstanz. More than three years of exemplary science as research group leader in “Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry” under his belt, he now took on the function of professor of Geometry (Real Geometry and Algebra). We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations on his well-deserved success and wish him all the best in his new position. Mateusz gives us a wonderful insight into his mathematical uprising and features his research at the institute in our Future proof column.

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Best dissertation award for Ivan Yaroslavtsev (13.10.2020)

Congratulations to Ivan Yaroslavtsev! His dissertation on Martingales and Stochastic Calculus in Banach Spaces was awarded the Stieltjes Prize for the best mathematical dissertation published in the academic year 2018/2019 in the Netherlands.

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Anatol Rapoport Prize for opinion polarization model (24.09.2020)

Congratulations to Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich. They have been awarded this year's Anatol Rapoport Prize by the German Society for Sociology for their research on the influence of social feedback on opinion polarization. The prize is awarded every two years by the section „Modellbildung und Simulation“ (DGS-ModSim) for original sociological work in the field of modeling and simulation.

Anatol Rapoport was an American mathematical psychologist. He contributed to general systems theory, mathematical biology, the mathematical modeling of social interaction and stochastic models of contagion.

Discover how opinion polarization in networks propagates via social feedback in this interactive online model and read our previous news on the role of social feedback in opinion polarization.

Future Proof – ERC Starting Grants for Martina Hofmanová and Julian Fischer (07.09.2020)

We would to like to congratulate our former scientists Martina Hofmanová and Julian Fischer who rank among Europe's best young researchers. For their excellent work they have each been awarded an ERC Starting Grant.

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Newest research briefs treat combinatorics and opinion models (18.08.2020)

José Alejandro Samper and Alexander Heaton, both part of the Nonlinear Algebra group, provide a brief glimpse into their work on algebraic combinatorics. Their research brief on The ubiquity of linear orders in combinatorics >>> discusses the switch to a language of matroids to capitalize on combinatorial and geometrical structures.

As members of the complex systems group Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich detail some of their work within the Horizon 2020 project Odycceus. They elucidate the use of mathematical models in the opinion formation under social influence in agent-based networks in their research brief on Opinion Models in Odycceus: Social Feedback and Polarization >>>.

Daniele Agostini appointed as Nonlinear Algebra group leader this fall (04.08.2020)

We are proud to announce that Daniele Agostini will become a Nonlinear Algebra group leader at MiS. Agostini already made a name for himself at the institute during his postdoc stay in 2018, coming October he will continue his research on algebraic geometry with a focus on Riemann's theta function.

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Kickoff for Linear Spaces of Symmetric Matrices study group (31.07.2020)

Scientists at MiS and other institutes around the globe have just established a collaborative project that aspires to advance the understanding of linear spaces of symmetric matrices (LSSM).

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In English, please! (23.07.2020)

From now on the MaxPlanckJournal employee magazine of the Max Planck Society is available in English. Stay informed about the latest news from the Max Planck world in the printed gazette found around the institute, alternatively you can access the PDF here or at (sorry, only MPG internal).
Enjoy reading!

María Ángeles García-Ferrero awarded with the José Luis Rubio de Francia prize (09.07.2020)

Our former postdoc María Ángeles García-Ferrero was just honored by the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society (RSME) with the José Luis Rubio de Francia prize 2019. Having been selected from the eight nominated young researchers, she is only the second woman to ever receive this prestigious recognition. The jury selected María for her theory of global approximation for the heat equation and its application to the study of hot spots and isothermal surfaces, because "to prove something genuinely new and in such generality about an object as simple and classical as the heat equation is an achievement worthy of the Rubio de Francia prize". The honor is accompanied with a start-up grant of 35,000 € over the next three years.

Research brief on the geometry of optimal design (24.06.2020)

Frank Röttger, who joined the group of Bernd Sturmfels in April 2020 and works on algebraic statistics, just published a new research brief on the geometry of optimal design. He details how information gain can be maximized in the experimental planning phase on the example of ranking players in a chess tournament.

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Congratulations on first successful virtual PhD defenses (22.06.2020)

Congratulations to Raffaella Mulas and Pau Vilimelis Aceituno on the successful defense of their PhD theses which took place under special circumstances as online sessions at the University of Leipzig. We are very proud and wish them all the best for their future careers.

Read more about their scientific work and life >>>

Research briefs — Providing insights into recent scientific progress (29.04.2020)

Our institute represents a great variety of research topics that affect current developments both within the natural sciences as well as social and economic life. In our new column research briefs MiS scientists are sharing key ideas and giving insights into recent developments of their research.

The first articles cover:

  • Probabilistic outcomes and radical uncertainty in the Corona pandemic
  • The intriguing question of curvature

Future proof — South China Sea Masters and Glushko dissertation prize awarded to former MiS Ph.D. students (23.04.2020)

Tinggui Zhang and Damián Blasi, both former Ph.D. students of Jürgen Jost, have been awarded the "South China Sea Masters" youth project funding and the Robert J. Glushko dissertation prizes in cognitive science, respectively.

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German-Israeli foundation grant for network curvature research (17.04.2020)

With a grant from the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) our director Jürgen Jost and Emil Saucan from the Braude College Israel will continue their successful scientific collaboration for the next three years. Their research focus lies on discrete curvatures for networks, their comparison and applications. Congratulations!

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Introducing our regular COVID-19 Data Analysis Update (27.03.2020)

The growing number of people infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the enormous scale of the pandemic pose immense challenges for society and science worldwide. As an international mathematical research institute, we wish to contribute to the discussion by providing a statistical analysis of the growth rates underlying this pandemic.

To the COVID-19 Data Analysis Update

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Future proof — Angkana Rüland (18.03.2020)

After more than two years of excellent research at the institute, Angkana Rüland is leaving us to become a professor of applied mathematics at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. We would like to congratulate Angkana on her position and wish her all the best in Heidelberg. Learn more about Angkana and her research at the institute in our new Future proof column.

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Information regarding COVID-19 (16.03.2020)

Given the current developments and incoming updates about coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to reduce access to our institute substantially. However, the MPI MiS is totally alive and operating in an online fashion now.
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Max Planck India Partner Group successfully reviewed and extended (13.03.2020)

Congratulations to the head of our Max Planck India Partner Group Areejit Samal on the successful outcome of the mid-term review and extension of the group until March 2022. The Max Planck Society underlines “The excellent research work in network theory and its applications to biology during the first three years since the inception of the partner group.” We wish Areejit and all group members much success and all the best for the next two years.

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Lukas Geuter honored with DMV scholarship to study the dynamics of active systems (19.02.2020)

We would like to give a warm welcome to Lukas Geuter from TU Berlin. Lukas was awarded a study visit scholarship by the German Mathematical Society (DMV) last year. He is in the first year of his PhD and studies the mathematical properties of active systems. During his four week stay in the group of Felix Otto he plans to gain insights into the existence, uniqueness and regularity of solutions for systems of complex fluids and microswimmer suspensions.

This year's DMV student conference (StuKon 2020) will be held at our institute on July 16-17 and offers recent graduates of the mathematical sciences an overview of job perspectives in the field.

Future proof — Tim Laux appointed Bonn Junior Fellow (07.02.2020)

We would like to congratulate our former IMPRS and PhD student Tim Laux on his appointment as Bonn Junior Fellow at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (HCM) in January of this year. He continues to be interested in problems of geometric analysis with his current research group on variational methods and mathematical aspects of materials science. At the end of July Tim will be hosting his first workshop at the HCM on the topic of geometric and applied analysis (registration is open until May 31, respectively March 31, 2020, for funding opportunities).

Tim wrote his dissertation under the supervision of Felix Otto on the topic of "Convergence of phase-field models and thresholding schemes via the gradient-flow structure of multi-phase mean-curvature flow". In 2018 he was awarded the prestigious Otto Hahn medal for his outstanding performance as a junior scientist. After his post-doc at the institute, he became a Morrey Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

Interview with Max Planck Fellow Michael Joswig (22.01.2020)

After joining the Max Planck Fellow Programme in December 2019 Michael Joswig sat down with us to talk about his aspirations as a new group leader, his career leading up to this point and where he sees the future of mathematics.

If you feel inspired by his words or would like to know more about his brainchild, you should register for the 11th Polymake conference on January 24th at our institute.

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Successful Defense by Pradeep Banerjee (16.01.2020)

Congratulations to Pradeep Kumar Banerjee on the successful defense of his PhD thesis “Unique information and the Blackwell order”.

We wish him all the best and much success in his new positions as a postdoc in Guido Montúfar’s group on “Mathematical Machine Learning”.

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Yassine El Maazouz honored with Research internship award (29.11.2019)

Yassine El Maazouz received the Prix du stage de recherche (Research internship award) from the École polytechnique in Paris.

He earned this distinction for his work on the tropicalization of discrete rational maximum likelihood estimation models under the supervision of Professor Bernd Sturmfels of the Nonlinear Algebra group during his summer internship at our institute.

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Through the eyes of a woman (23.10.19)

The exhibition “Women of Mathematics throughout Europe” offers a glimpse into the world of mathematics through the eyes of female mathematicians.

  • From October 28 to 30 at the MPI / Inselstrasse 22 / Leipzig
  • From November 4 at the University of Leipzig / Augusteum / Augustusplatz 10
  • Exhibition opening on October 29, 17:45 at the MPI

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Renan Assimos Martins successfully defended his PhD Thesis "The Geometry of Maximum Principles and a Bernstein Theorem in Codimension 2".

Congratulations and our best wishes for the future!.


to Nidhi Kaihnsa on her successful doctoral defense! In her dissertation she studies "Algebraic Methods for Dynamical Systems and Optimisation".

With best wishes for her future career.

Spanish Science award for María Ángeles García-Ferrero

María Ángeles García-Ferrero, postdoc in the research group “Rigidity and Flexibility in PDEs” is one of the laureates of this year’s Vicent Caselles Award. This Spanish Science award goes to outstanding young mathematicians recognizing creativity and originality of their scientific results. María Ángeles is especially honored for her PhD thesis studying geometric problems in partial differential equations and the development of global approximation theorems to answer them.

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Yue Ren wins Future Leaders Fellowship and will start a research project at Swansea University

A big career step opens for our Dr. Yue Ren, postdoc in the Nonlinear Algebra group. He is one of the laureates of this year’s Future Leaders Fellowship program awarded by UK Research and Innovation. This cross-UK scheme supports early career researchers and innovators with outstanding potential. From January 2020, Yue Ren will conduct a research project “Computational tropical geometry and its applications” at the Swansea University.

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Nicolas Perkowski honored with Von Kaven-Award of DFG

The 2019 von Kaven Award of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) is granted to our group leader Prof. Dr. Nicolas Perkowski in recognition for his excellent work in the field of probability theory. The prize ceremony takes place on September 23 at the annual meeting of the German Mathematical Association in Karlsruhe. Congratulations!
Pressreport of the DFG (in German)

Congratulations on successful habilitation

Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi successfully defended his habilitation on “Morphological Intelligence: Information-theoretic quantifications of the morphological contribution to intelligence”. Congratulations and our best wishes for the future! Information about his research projects and publications on embodied intelligence and robotics can be found at:

Max Planck Fellowship and new group for Prof. Michael Joswig

We are happy to announce that Prof. Michael Joswig from TU Berlin will join our institute as Max Planck Fellow and set up a new group on Mathematical Software starting in December.

The Max Planck Fellow Programme promotes cooperation between outstanding university professors and Max Planck Society researchers.

Michael Joswig works as Einstein Professor of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry at TU Berlin in the fields of polyhedral combinatorics, optimisation and tropical geometry. In particular, he is interested in developing software for research in mathematics and beyond like polymake.

Please apply for open positions!

Mensch Maschine Moral

Wissenschaftskino zu künstlicher Intelligenz und Robotik mit Prof. Nihat Ay und Experten der HTWK Leipzig lockte rund 160 Gäste an.

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Die Sieger der diesjährigen HHL-MPI-Leibniz-Matheolympiade sind gekürt.

HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH! Wir danken allen teilnehmenden Schülerinnen und Schülern und allen Partnern und Unterstützern des Wettbewerbs.

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The hidden structure of the periodic system

The well-known representation of chemical elements is just one example of how objects can be arranged and classified. MPI researchers describe a formal mathematical structure that could provide many different periodic systems – not only for chemistry, but also for many other fields of knowledge.

Research News of the Max Planck Society:

Wilmer Leal and Guillermo Restrepo: “Formal structure of periodic system of elements”
Proceedings of The Royal Society A

To the very core of chemistry

A new data-driven approach to a more sophisticated and detailed investigation of the history of chemistry is presented by a research team from MPI MiS and the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioinformatics at the University of Leipzig.

Publication in PNAS on June 11, 2019
Exploration of the chemical space and its three historical regimes
Eugenio J. Llanos, Wilmer Leal, Duc H. Luu, Jürgen Jost, Peter F. Stadler, and Guillermo Restrepo

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Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik als Deus EX MACHINA?
(inkl. gleichnamigem Spielfilm GB 2015)
Dienstag, 4. Juni 2019, 19.00 Uhr
Zeitgeschichtliches Forum Leipzig, Grimmaische Straße 6
Eintritt frei.

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The exhibition ship „MS Wissenschaft“ travels through Germany

Since May 16th the exhibition ship „MS Wissenschaft“ (MS Science) travels through Germany and Austria. On board are two interactive exhibits focusing on embodied AI (artificial intelligence) made by our research group on “Information Theory of Cognitive Systems” led by Prof. Nihat Ay. They visualise the interplay between of the brain, the body and the surrounding environment.
You can find further information about the MS Wissenschaft and the tour plan at:

Read more >>> (only german)

Dr Matteo Smerlak has been awarded the Human Frontiers Science Grant (11.04.2019)

Our Sofja Kovalevskaja research group leader Dr Matteo Smerlak has been awarded one of the prestigious Young Investigators Grants from the Human Frontier Sciences Program Organisation (HFSPO). In a collaborative research project he will investigate processes of RNA based evolution.

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KIT Doctoral Award for Tobias Ried (25.02.2019)

Tobias Ried was awarded the KIT Doctoral Award for his outstanding doctoral thesis and his scientific work at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology KIT. In his PhD thesis Tobias Ried studied equations from kinetic theory and non-linear optics. Tobias is working now in the research group of Felix Otto.

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Bernd Sturmfels appointed as ordinary member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities (03.12.2018)

Professor Bernd Sturmfels, director at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, has been appointed as an ordinary member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities on Friday, November 30th 2018. The official announcement took place at the ceremony on occasion of the Einstein Day 2018.

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First steps towards a new Mathematical Physics Center in Leipzig (12.11.2018)

The interplay between mathematics and theoretical physics is at the center of a new joint initiative of the Faculties of Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and Geosciences of the University of Leipzig and the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences. The initiative intensifies existing cooperations in these fields and offers students and scientists ample opportunities for scientific exchange. The project is financially supported by the Max Planck Society.

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See the complete press information (in German) >>>

Not only arguments count (31.10.2018)

What are the mechanisms and conditions that lead to such polarized political landscapes as the one we live in today? In the article “Opinion polarization by learning from social feedback”, which recently appeared in the Journal of Mathematical Sociology, MPI researchers Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich were able to explain the role of social feedback in the phenomenon of polarization, using mathematical tools from game theory.
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Discussing quantum theory and gravity in the memory of Zeidler (30.10.2018)

During the first week of October, the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences hosted a conference on “Progress and visions in quantum theory in view of Gravity”, dedicated to the memory of the institute’s founding director Eberhard Zeidler, who sadly passed away in 2016.

With the goal of bringing together physicists, mathematicians and philosophers working in foundations of mathematical physics and of facilitating the exchange of ideas, the workshop had an innovative format with talks in the morning and detailed discussion sessions in the afternoon.
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Understanding polarization and ideological alignment in political space (20.09.2018)

How do people’s opinions on related topics evolve over time? Why do groups of like-minded people tend to agree on different issues? These and other questions concerning the interdependence of political statements are at the center of a recent preprint by MPI researcher Sven Banisch and Eckehard Olbrich. Their research will be presented during the 2018 Conference on Complex Systems in Thessaloniki, in the Cognition and Linguistic session.
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New Julia package developed by MPI researchers (31.07.2018)

Researchers from the nonlinear algebra group at MPI MiS and at TU Berlin have been developing a Julia package for solving systems of polynomial equations by numerical homotopy continuation.
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ARD alpha Campus Talks featuring Ivan Yamshchikov (30.07.2018)

MPI MiS postdoc Ivan Yamshchikov recently appeared on the ARD show Campus Talks, where he gave a presentation on the challenges of bringing creativity into artificial intelligence. In an inspiring presentation, Ivan reported on a project with Aleksei Tikhonov and CreAIted, where they were able to teach artificial intelligence how to write poetry and music lyrics.
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Picture on the right: Portrait of Ivan Yamshchikov © Henrik Jordan

Felix Otto awarded the Luigi Tartufari International Prize for Mathematics (25.07.2018)

Professor Felix Otto, director at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, has been awarded the Prof. Luigi Tartufari International Prize for Mathematics from the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in Rome in the presence of the Italian President. Felix Otto was honored for his numerous contributions to continuum mechanics and to materials science. In particular, his analysis of partial differential equations modelling the flow of a gas in a porous rock or those describing a particle under frictional and random forces, was praised.
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Most popular SIAM SIMA paper by Felix Otto (23.07.2018)

The 1998 paper "The Variational Formulation of the Fokker--Planck Equation", authored by our Director Felix Otto together with Richard Jordan and David Kinderlehrer, is the most downloaded paper of the SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis. On the occasion of the Journal's 50th volume, Felix Otto authored a short piece for the SIAM news, offering some insight as to why the paper continues to spark so much interest today. You can read his contribution here.
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Learning to code from the masters: the Macaulay2 Workshop at MPI MiS (03.07.2018)

Last month, our institute hosted a dedicated Macaulay2 workshop organized by former MPI MiS postdoc Eliana Duarte Gelvez (now at the Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg), together with Heather Harrington (University of Oxford) and Thomas Kahle (Magdeburg). Around 60 participants from around the world took part in the program, which offered them a unique opportunity to develop their coding skills by getting in touch with the experts.
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Modellansatz Podcast "Algebraic Geometry" with Eliana Duarte Gelvez (28.06.2018)

Former MPI MiS postdoc Eliana Duarte Gelvez recently met with Gudrun Täter from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to record an episode of their Modellansatz Podcast. In their inspiring conversation, they discussed the role of algebraic geometry and polynomial equations in applications as well as Eliana’s personal experience as a mathematician.
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Outstanding Scientists (22.06.2018)

Former IMPRS Ph.D. students Deepan Basu and Tim Laux were amongst 36 young scientists awarded with prizes for their excellent research at the annual meeting of the Max Planck Society in Heidelberg. We congratulate with Deepan and Tim on receiving those prizes and wish them good luck with their career!
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