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Birthday conference in honor of Jürgen Jost (22.04.2022)

We dedicate an entire conference week on Mathematical Concepts in the Sciences and Humanities to our founding director Jürgen Jost to celebrate his outstanding scientific achievements and 65th birthday.
The conference takes place from May 16–25 in the Leibniz conference area. As it is our greatest wish to share this celebration with a broad audience, we offer online registration to join us via video broadcast.

Jürgen Jost’s influential work ranges from countless scientific contributions to creating a culture of interdisciplinary thinking in which concepts and abstract mathematical structures are identified as the core instrument for integrating knowledge across scientific disciplines.

Each conference day focuses on a particular research area like philosophy and history of science, complexity, computational biology and neuroscience, machine learning, dynamical systems, geometric analysis and much more. Accordingly, this conference will bring together experts working with mathematical concepts in a broad spectrum of fields, comprising contributions from friends, former students, and colleagues.

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