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Max Planck on Wheels cycling to the finish line (02.11.2021)

A big thank you to all the cyclists from the three Leipzig MPIs for riding 19,344 kilometers together. With this achievement, we secured our place in the top 20 teams in the city and also received a small honor.

The combined team Max Planck on Wheels was made of of 92 people thus averaging a little over 200 km per rider (though in reality a few high performers carried the team). Together the MPIs avoided to emit 2.8 tons of CO2 and hopefully made an impact to improve the local biking infrastructure. Last week representatives of Max Planck on Wheels were invited to the Old Exchange and won a check for 250€, which will most likely be used to realize a common biking excursion for next year's city cycling event.

Photos of the award ceremony

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