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Information regarding COVID-19 (16.03.2020)

Given the current developments and incoming updates about coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to reduce access to our institute substantially. Currently, we will not grant access to our institute to any visitor or guest. Also, scientists and administration are encouraged to work from home whenever this is possible. However, the MPI MiS is totally alive and operating in an online fashion now. This means:

  • You can reach us via email as usual and all requests will be treated as usual.
  • Even if there are no seminars, schools, or conferences at MPI MiS currently, we are establishing online formats for the scientific exchange – please check the “Calendar” section below to see which events are taking place virtually now.
  • Helping to stop this virus to spread is our top priority, but scientific life at the institute continues. Please understand if some reactions of the institute are a bit slower than usual.

Stay healthy and let’s hope that we can return to normal soon!

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