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Future proof — Career step towards Portugal for Eliana Duarte (05.03.2021)

A big step in her scientific career awaits our former postdoc Eliana Maria Duarte Gelvez. In Portugal, she was able to acquire one of five highly coveted fellowships in the field of mathematics and computer science. This now gives her the opportunity to continue her research in the field of algebraic geometry at a host institution of her choice - the Centro de Matemática of the Universidade do Porto.

Eliana was awarded the grant by the Portuguese national funding agency for science and technology FCT (Fundação para Ciência e a Tecnologia). For the next six years, she will now work as a junior researcher at the Center for Mathematics at the University of Porto. Currently, Eliana is a postdoctoral researcher at the Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg. Before that, she was a postdoc in our Nonlinear Algebra group.

Eliana’s research focuses on Computational Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry with a view towards their applications. Algebraic geometry studies null sets of polynomial equations, known as algebraic varieties. Commutative algebra, in turn, is a framework to study algebraic varieties via commutative rings associated with them. Her long-term goal is to establish these two research fields as a main avenue to solve problems in the sciences and engineering, including data science.

Recently Eliana started working in the application of structural equation models to soil ecology. Read our latest press release “Belowground biodiversity in motion”.

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