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Leipzig - Budapest and back - In close exchange with Hungary (14.07.2023)

Our institute - especially the group around our director László Székelyhidi - has been maintaining an intensive scientific exchange with Hungarian researchers for some time. Individual collaborative projects are accompanied by jointly organized scientific events. We aim to intensify the scientific interlinking of both countries significantly in the coming years.

The kick-off this year was a Spring School on current problems in mathematical fluid mechanics, organized together with the Alfréd Rényi Institute for Mathematics in Budapest.
Hungarian undergraduate students have been encouraged to apply in a nationwide call for applications and were invited to a one-week intensive exchange with Leipzig students. This way, they not only got a taste of partial differential equations, but also promising personal contacts. Lectures, tutorials, and interactive mini-courses gave them insights into some of the great problems in mathematical fluid mechanics from the perspective of the analysis of partial differential equations.

The next Leipzig-Budapest event took place last week at the Erdős Center in Budapest with a "Workshop on Moffat's Problem of Magnetic Relaxation”. Scientists from Prof. Székelyhidi's Applied Analysis Group came together with international experts such as Miklós Abért from the Renyi Institute, Yann Brenier from École Polytechnique / CNRS Paris, Daniel Faraco from Universidad Autonoma Madrid and Zoltán Balogh from the University of Bern for a series of lectures accompanied by intensive scientific discussions. The highlight of this workshop came in the form of a colloquium with Alexander Shnirelman from Concordia University Montreal.

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How do mathematical ideas take shape? - László Lovász in portrait (26.06.2023)

Our former group leader Raffaella Mulas recently had the great chance to meet the Hungarian mathematician & Abel Prize laureate László Lavász, and conducted an inspiring interview with him. He talks about his passion for mathematics, his career, Paul Erdös, Budapest and much more.

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Gauß Lecture in Leipzig: "Discrete or Continuous?" (15.11.2022 | Last Update 16.12.2022)

László Lovász, professor at Eötvös Loránd University and Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest, gave the distinguished Gauß lecture on the topic Discrete or Continuous?, the question of the continuous nature of our world from a mathematical perspective. This ceremonial event of the German Mathematicians' Association (DMV) was framed by a historical foray on the Gauß-program by Renate Tobies and accompanied musically by the Jazz duo Timm-Brockelt

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