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New Book by Jürgen Jost

“Leibniz und die moderne Naturwissenschaft” is the title of a new book published by our director Professor Jürgen Jost.
The book approaches Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz from the point of view of a today’s scientist, and deals with the numerous accomplishments of Leibniz in almost all fields of science (philosophy, mathematics, physics, history, jurisprudence and theology) and their effects on modern science.


This book is the first volume of a series “Sciences and Philosophy”, edited by Prof. Jürgen Jost together with Prof. Martin Carrier from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
of Science at Universität Bielefeld. The series aims to encourage a dialogue and a constructive debate between science and philosophy.
It approaches this goal from both sides: On the one hand, the implications of scientific results and theories for philosophical thinking will be explored. On the other hand, a philosophical penetration and analysis of scientific problems, concepts and theories is intended. In this endeavour, different philosophical approaches are pursued. While the main focus is on the natural sciences and mathematics, the series is also open to other topics. The volumes in this series seek to develop original ideas and systematic approaches, to explore new paths, and to generally promote independent and critical thinking. Therefore, the text should be understandable for a larger readership, not only for experts.

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