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ODYCCEUS Panel Discussion

Social Media — Democratization or radicalization engine?

Over the last decades, the image of the internet in media has undergone a drastic shift. Initially, it promised vast democratic potential by fostering transparency and encouraging universal participation. However, these expectations have lately been clouded by concerns, as the internet is now often portrayed as the origin of fundamental threats to societies like radicalization, misinformation, and political manipulation.

By developing methods to study political discourse online, the ODYCCEUS project operates in the tension between these poles. In this event, we want to reflect on our role and the role of science in general in recovering the internet’s democratic potential.

Join us when we discuss this question with Julia Ebner (author and political advisor, expert on online extremism), Andreas Jungherr (political scientist studying the impact of digital media on politics and society), and Philipp Lorenz-Spreen (MPI for Human Development, researcher of online behavior).

Online stream

The panel discussion was livestreamed on our YouTube channel on June 9, 2021 at 8 pm and viewers were invited to participate in the discussion on Twitter. You can watch the recording below.


ODYCCEUS Online Conference - The Computational Analysis of Cultural Conflict
In this final virtual conference (June 07 - 09, 2021) latest results of the project are presented with a particular focus on specific case studies.

ODYCCEUS Podcast - Social Networks as a Crisis Barometer
ODYCCEUS scientists provide insights into their research around social processes and opinion dynamics in a regular podcast series (unfortunately only available in German).

Polarization in social media - MPG Interview with Eckehard Olbrich & Sven Banisch
The interview (only available in German) goes into the goals of the project, the possibilities of analyzing social processes using mathematical methods and artificial intelligence, and the difficulties they face.

Opinion Models in Odycceus: Social Feedback and Polarization
This research briefs elucidates the use of mathematical models in the opinion formation under social influence in agent-based networks

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