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Tobias Ried awarded for outstanding teaching (27.01.2023)

Our group leader Tobias Ried was honored by the physics faculty of LMU Munich with the "Golden Sommerfeld". This award recognizes his special commitment to teaching and, in particular, his bachelor lecture on "Mathematics for Physicists III", which he held during his time as a substitute professor in Munich.

The aim of Tobias Ried’s lecture was to introduce mathematical concepts and methods from analysis to physics students. He covered the following topics in depth: Introduction to measure and integration theory, submanifolds of Rn, the integral theorems of Gauss and Stokes, with an outlook on differential forms, linear and nonlinear differential equations, and elements of complex analysis.

The GAF student council, an association of active student councils from the departments of mathematics, physics, and computer science at LMU Munich, has been awarding teaching prizes for the best Bachelor and Master lectures for several years. These awards honor particularly committed lecturers and tutors and their outstanding courses. The "Golden Sommerfeld" is awarded for the field of Physics. In addition, the "Golden Carathéodory" for Mathematics and the "Computer Science Teaching Award" were awarded for the first time last year.

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