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Future proof — Jonas Sauer joins Uni Jena as Junior Professor (20.01.2022)

Our former postdoc Jonas Sauer has accepted a junior professorship for Analysis at Jena University. The university recently featured him in an article about his new position and a novel podcast concept geared towards early-career researchers.

Jonas Sauer became a Junior Professor for Analysis at Friedrich Schiller University Jena in October 2021. He was previously an Assistant Professor at TU Delft. Before that, he was a postdoc in our institute from 2016 to 2020. His research focus is (optimal regularity of) singular stochastic PDEs and nonlinear PDEs from fluid mechanics.

His new university just featured the young professor in an article. He talks about his tenure-track position, his research on fluid dynamics, and a superb podcast idea to get his students interested in developing their research topics. Jonas hosts the Literatur-Rundschau (Literature Review) podcast. In each episode, he interviews expert mathematicians working in Analysis who review the literature around a specific paper they have published. Not only do listeners (and Jonas' students) learn about cutting-edge mathematical research, but also the personal anecdotes behind it.

In 2018 he also appeared in a video clip produced by regional television channel MDR to talk about some of the challenges involved in studying fluid flow and how the Navier-Stokes equations relate to one of the Millenium problems.

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