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Future proof — Tenure track positions for our postdocs (09.08.2022)

We are proud to announce that our postdocs Mima Stanojkovski, Carlos Améndola, and Marvin Hahn successfully acquired tenure track positions at prestigious European Universities. Congratulations!

Mima Stanojkovski

In October, Mima will join the Algebra group at the Mathematics Department of Università degli Studi di Trento as “Ricercatore a tempo determinato (B)” which resembles a tenure track position. In the first three years, she will work as a senior researcher and later assume the position of associate professor. Mima’s research is in finite and profinite group theory, with a focus on finite p-groups, their structure, geometry, and associated counting functions. She is exceedingly fascinated by isomorphism- and inverse problems.

Mima is pleased about her return to Italy: “Trento is where I first fell in love with Algebra as an undergraduate student. It is an honor for me to “return home” in a different role, with even more love for the subject.”

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Carlos Enrique Améndola Cerón

Carlos has already started his tenure track professorship at the Institute of Mathematics of TU Berlin in the research area “Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Data Analysis”. These topics are closely connected to “Algebraic Statistics”, “Nonlinear Algebra”, and “Applied Algebraic Geometry.” Carlos’ initial appointment is for three years, another three years can follow after a mid-evaluation. After these six years, he is expected to get tenure.  

Carlos already began by hiring a Ph.D. student, with more to come. He is extremely excited to start a professorship at TU Berlin: “It is a fascinating interdisciplinary area with rapid developments in recent years. I was particularly inspired by the work done at Bernd Sturmfels’ Nonlinear Algebra group at MPI MiS, with which there are many natural connections. I envision the presence of my research group will further strengthen the academic collaboration between Berlin and Leipzig.”

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Marvin Anas Hahn

Marvin has also already taken up an assistant professorship with tenure track at Trinity College Dublin in August. His research is in combinatorial algebraic geometry, with his favourite methods coming from tropical geometry. Marvin enjoys counting in terms of its applications in algebraic geometry, but also discovered a strong interest in applications in the natural sciences during his time in Leipzig.

Marvin is very excited to start in Dublin: "Working in combinatorial algebraic geometry brings with it the benefitproperty of being able to connect with many mathematical fields. To work in a department as broad as Trinity College Dublin, which also combines my interests, is a great honour."

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  • See Marvin’s personal website for more information on his research and career


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