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The mathematics behind the Corona news coverage (05.05.2020 | Last update 10.08.2020)

Our director Felix Otto and Professor Silvia Schöneburg-Lehnert (Mathematical institute, Leipzig University) have started a short video series (in German) with the aim of providing a basic introduction for some mathematical terminology that comes up in the news coverage regarding Corona.

The following concepts have been introduced so far:

  • exponential growth and doubling time
  • basic reproduction number
  • effective reproduction number
  • transmission probabilities
  • chain of infection
  • flatten the curve
  • second wave
  • impact of quarantine restrictions
  • herd immunity
  • infectiousness: parameters from observations

There will be additional videos covering:

  • Estimation of the effective reproduction number

The playlist containing all videos in embedded below, alternatively you can watch it on our YouTube channel.

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