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Wilmer Leal meets Nobel laureates (06.07.2022)

Last week, the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting was taking place. Wilmer Leal has been selected as one of the 600 most qualified young scientists who had the opportunity to experience and contribute to the unique atmosphere of this year’s meeting. He is very grateful and sure that he will strongly benefit from this open exchange of scientific expertise and the cross-cultural and intergenerational encounters with scientists from all over the globe.

“It has been a unique experience and a great honor to be selected by the Lindau Council to be part of the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. I have learned much about the great ideas that have shaped science in the last few decades from the Nobel laureates. I also enjoyed and grew from my conversations with highly talented and motivated young scientists from all over the world. Thanks to the Max Planck Society, MPI for Mathematics in the Sciences, and my mentors Jürgen Jost and Peter F. Stadler for the nomination and support.” Wilmer summarizes his experiences.

The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting takes place annually, with alternating disciplinary foci: this year is dedicated to Chemistry. The varied scientific program, consisting of lectures, talks, open exchange sessions, panel discussions, science breakfast and walks, laureate lunch and more, is based on the principle of dialogue and aims to activate the exchange between and among Nobel Laureates and young scientists.

Wilmer Leal is working in the research group of Professor Jürgen Jost. In parallel, he is a PhD student at the Bioinformatics Group of the University of Leipzig under supervision of Professor Peter F. Stadler. His research interests are chemical space exploration, discrete mathematics, hypernetwork science, computational history of chemistry, and categorical models of chemical reaction networks.

You can find more information about this year's meeting in an article by the Max Planck Society.

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