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Yue Ren wins Future Leaders Fellowship and will start a research project at Swansea University

A big career step opens for Dr. Yue Ren, postdoc in the Nonlinear Algebra group. He is one of the laureates of this year’s Future Leaders Fellowship program awarded by UK Research and Innovation. This cross-UK scheme supports early career researchers and innovators with outstanding potential. From January 2020, Yue Ren will conduct a research project “Computational tropical geometry and its applications” at the Swansea University.


“I am a pure mathematician by training, but an applied mathematician by trade” Yue Ren describes his research which focuses on using what is traditionally considered pure mathematics to tackle problems in applications. He works in the field of tropical geometry - a relatively new area of mathematics which studies piecewise linear objects arising from polynomial equations using tools from algebra, geometry and combinatorics.

In particular, one of his visions is to use tropical geometry to solve systems of polynomial equations in applications. Basically, complicated polynomial systems should be all but unsolvable due to the sheer number of solutions they should have. Yet systems appearing in biology, chemistry, or engineering always have an abnormally low number of solutions, usually because of some inherent structure imposed by the underlying model.

Yue Ren’s objective is to develop a general algorithm, which uses tropical geometry to find these structures within a given system and exploit the structures to solve the system.

Information about the laureate Dr. Yue Ren

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Copyright: Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences

Information about the Future Leaders Fellowship:

List of Future Leaders Fellows from all rounds:



The Future Leaders Fellowship Program

Press information of the UK Research and Innovation (September 20, 2019)

Top researchers and innovators from across the country will receive a portion of a £78 million cash boost as part of UK Research and Innovation’s Future Leaders Fellowships. The investment will propel the next generation of researchers as they lead cutting-edge projects; from developing rapid diagnostic methods to identify antibiotic resistance in infections, to increasing the value of archaeology to society, to miniaturising the latest microscopy technologies.

Future Leaders Fellowships are helping universities and businesses in the UK recruit, train and retain the world’s best researchers and innovators, regardless of their background. They can apply for up to £1.2 million over four years, with the ability to extend to up to seven years.

Applications for round four of the Futures Leaders Fellowships are now open and UKRI is particularly encouraging applications hosted by, or collaborating with, businesses.

Also announcing the award of £20m to Research England’s University Enterprise Zones, Universities Minister Chris Skidmore said “Delivering on our research and innovation ambitions means putting people first, whether they are just starting out in their career or are leading major projects in academia or industry.

“These inspirational Future Leaders Fellows will generate the ideas of the future, helping to shape science and research for the 21st century. But to realise the full potential of these discoveries, their ideas need to be taken out of the lab and turned into real products and services, where they can actually change people’s lives for the better.

“That’s why we are creating 20 new University Enterprise Zones, helping local start-ups to co-locate in universities to build the businesses of the future – all inspired by university research.”

Professor Sir Mark Walport, UK Research and Innovation’s Chief Executive, said: “The Future Leaders Fellowships will enable the most promising researchers and innovators to become leaders in their fields, working on subjects as diverse as climate change, dementia and quantum computing.

“UKRI is committed to creating modern research and innovation careers and our Future Leaders Fellowships aim to support and retain the most talented people, including those with flexible career paths."

78 fellows are receiving a slice of the funding.

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