Research Group
Jürgen Jost

Contact: Email
+49 (0) 341 - 9959 - 550

Inselstr. 22
04103 Leipzig

Administrative Assistant:
Antje Vandenberg
Email, Phone/Fax:
+49 (0) 341 - 9959
- 552
- 658

Group members

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Surname, first nameEmailPhoneOfficeResearch groupHomepage
Jost, JürgenJuergen.Jost550B3 01group
Administrative Assistant
Vandenberg, AntjeAntje.Vandenberg552B3 02 
Group Leader
Li-Jost, XianqingXianqing.Li-Jost556B3 03Geometry 
Olbrich, EckehardEckehard.Olbrich568B3 04Dynamical Systems,
Complex Systems,
group, personal
Scientific Staff
Assimos Martins, RenanRenan.Assimos520A3 05Geometrypersonal
Banisch, SvenSven.Banisch536A3 09Complex Systems,
De Groote, CédricCedric.Degroote635C3 10external
Gui, YaotingYaoting.Gui860G4 05Geometry 
Jin, Zhi-XiangZhi-Xiang.Jin863G4 05Geometry 
Kirstein, MarkMark.Kirstein514A3 03Economicsexternal
Lim, SunhyukSunhyuk.Lim532A3 08external
Luu, Hoang DucDuc.Luu535A3 09Dynamical Systemsgroup, personal
Matveev, RostislavRostislav.Matveev518A3 04Geometry,
Complex Systems,
Münch, FlorentinFlorentin.Muench566B3 06Geometry 
Poppe, StephanStephan.Poppe538A3 10group
Restrepo, GuillermoGuillermo.Restrepo601C3 01Dynamical Systemsgroup, personal
Wenzel, WalterWalter.Wenzel544A3 11 
Zhang, DongDong.Zhang852G4 02Geometry 
Ph.D. Students
Adams, ZacharyZachary.Adams549B3 08 
Barth, LukasLukas.Barth572B3 08group
Di Nocera, FabioFabio.Di522A3 05Geometry 
Ehsani, MasudMasud.Ehsani575B3 09Cognition 
Eidi, MarziehMarzieh.Eidi516B3 09Geometry 
Gaisbauer, FelixFelix.Gaisbauer523A3 05Dynamical Systems,
Jiang, ShuhanShuhan.Jiang571B3 08Geometry 
Keck, JanisJanis.Keck543A3 11 
Leal, WilmerWilmer.Leal602C3 01group, external
Pournaki, ArminArmin.Pournaki574B3 09Dynamical Systems 
Ramirez, Maria AlejandraMaria.Ramirez5614B3 05 
Roost, MichelleMichelle.Roost570B3 08 
Stegemeyer, MaximilianMaximilian.Stegemeyer576B3 09 
Teich, MarieMarie.Teich539A3 10 
Inden, BenjaminBenjamin.Inden564B3 06 
Joharinad, ParvanehParvaneh.JohariNad565B3 06Geometry 
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