Paolo Perrone
Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften
Inselstr. 22
04103 Leipzig

Office: A3 08


+49 341 9959 531

+49 341 9959 658

Paolo Perrone

Research interests

  • Category Theory, Applied Category Theory
  • Probability and Information Theory
  • Complexity and Networks
  • Theoretical Computer Science

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  • P. Perrone and N. Ay, Hierarchical Quantification of Synergy in Channels, Front. Robot. AI, 08 January 2016. Available here.


  • T. Fritz and P. Perrone, Stochastic Order on Metric Spaces and the Ordered Kantorovich Monad, 2018. Available here.
  • T. Fritz and P. Perrone, A Probability Monad as the Colimit of Finite Powers, 2017. Available here.

Conference papers:

  • T. Fritz and P. Perrone, Bimonoidal Structure of Probability Monads. To appear in Proceedings of MFPS 34, ENTCS, 2018. Available here.
  • P. Perrone and N. Ay, Decomposition of Markov Kernels. Proceedings of WUPES 10, 2015. Available here.

Other preprints:

  • T. Fritz and P. Perrone, A Criterion for Kan Extensions of Lax Monoidal Functors, 2018. Available here.
  • P. Perrone and N. Ay, Iterative Scaling Algorithm for Channels, 2016. Available here.
  • P. Perrone, Dual Connections and Holonomy, 2015. Available here.

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