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History of science and philosophy


  • History and philosophy of geometry
Jost, Jürgen: Leibniz and modern physics
In: Lo Sguardo : rivista di filosofia, 32 (2021) 1, p. 91-108

Leal, Wilmer ; Llanos, Eugenio J. ; Bernal, Andrés ; Stadler, Peter F. ; Jost, Jürgen and Guillermo Restrepo: Computational data analysis shows that key developments towards the periodic system occurred in the 1840s

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In: Historical studies in the natural sciences, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known

Restrepo, Guillermo and Jürgen Jost: A formal setting for the evolution of chemical knowledge
MIS-Preprint: 77/2020

Jost, Jürgen: Leibniz und die moderne Naturwissenschaft
Berlin : Springer, 2019. - X, 185 p.
(Wissenschaft und Philosophie - Science and Philosophy - Sciences et Philosophie)
ISBN 978-3-662-59235-9 ISBN 978-3-662-59236-6

Jost, Jürgen: Leibniz and the calculus of variations
In: Leibniz and the structure of sciences : modern perspectives on the history of logic, mathematics, epistemology / Vincenzo De Risi (ed.)
Cham : Springer, 2019. - P. 253-270
(Boston studies in the philosophy and history of science ; 337)

Leal, Wilmer ; Llanos, Eugenio J. ; Stadler, Peter F. ; Jost, Jürgen and Guillermo Restrepo: The chemical space from which the periodic system arose
In: Nature chemistry, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known
MIS-Preprint: 68/2019 [FREELINK]

Llanos, Eugenio J. ; Leal, Wilmer ; Luu, Hoang Duc ; Jost, Jürgen ; Stadler, Peter F. and Guillermo Restrepo: Exploration of the chemical space and its three historical regimes
In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 116 (2019) 26, p. 12660-12665

Jost, Jürgen: Object oriented models vs. data analysis - is this the right alternative?
In: Mathematics as a tool : tracing new roles of mathematics in the sciences / Johannes Lenhard... (eds.)
Berlin : Springer, 2017. - P. 253-286
(Boston studies in the philosophy and history of science ; 327)
MIS-Preprint: 68/2015 [DOI] [ARXIV]

Jost, Jürgen (ed.): Bernhard Riemann 'On the hypotheses which lie at the bases of geometry'
Berlin : Springer, 2016. - VII, 172 p.
(Classic texts in the sciences)
ISBN 978-3-319-26040-2 ISBN 978-3-319-26042-6

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Berlin : Springer, 2013. - X, 156 p.
(Klassische Texte der Wissenschaft)
ISBN 978-3-642-35120-4 ISBN 978-3-642-35121-1

Jost, Jürgen: Die Rolle der Mathematik in der Kultur der Renaissance

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