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We have one goal: To provide one of the world's best mathematics libraries.

The library of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences is offering its services mainly to the institute’s scientists. Of course, it is open to all interested visitors.

For institute members:For visitors:
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  • use the library and borrow books during the institute’s opening hours: 8 a.m. - 11 p.m.
  • contact the reception to use the library and its services during office hours
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  • unfortunately, the books can only be used inside the library

Office hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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Enjoy the benefits of an excellent and inspiring research environment and a dedicated library team including our young talents.

Ingo Brüggemann
Head of Library

Britta Schneemann

Katarzyna Baier

Vocational training

Our library regularly trains “specialists for media and information services specializing in librarianship”. Find more information here.

For 2017 our trainee positions are already filled. Please refrain from applying.

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Journal Articles

Zhu, Y. ; Wang, Q. A. ; Li, W. and X. Cai: Analytic uncertainty and sensitivity analysis of models with input correlations. Physica / A, 494 (2018), p. 140-162[DOI]

Gloria, A. and F. Otto: Quantitative results on the corrector equation in stochastic homogenization. Journal of the European Mathematical Society, 19 (2017) 11, p. 3489-3548[DOI][ARXIV]

Hackbusch, W. : Computation of best \(L^ \mathscr{\infty} \) exponential sums for \(1/x\) by Remez algorithm. Computing and visualization in science, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known MIS-Preprint: 80/2017

Hoffmann, A. ; Fallmann, J. ; Mörl, M. ; Stadler, P. F. and F. Amman: Accurate mapping of tRNA reads. Bioinformatics, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known[DOI]

Hellmuth, M. ; Hernández Rosales, M. ; Long, Y. and P. F. Stadler: Inferring phylogenetic trees from the knowledge of rare evolutionary events. Journal of mathematical biology, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known[DOI][ARXIV]

Berkemer, S. ; Siederdissen, C. H. and P. F. Stadler: Algebraic dynamic programming on trees. Algorithms, 10 (2017) 4, 135[DOI]

Taslimitehrani, M. : Self-consistency of conformally coupled ABJM theory at the quantum level. Journal of high energy physics, 2017 (2017) 11, 153[DOI][ARXIV]

Sparaciari, C. ; Oppenheim, J. and T. Fritz: A resource theory for work and heat. Physical review / A, 96 (2017) 5, 052112 MIS-Preprint: 40/2016[DOI][ARXIV]

Li, M. ; Wang, J. ; Shen, S. ; Chen, Z. and S. Fei: Detection and measure of genuine tripartite entanglement with partial transposition and realignment of density matrices. Scientific Reports, 7 (2017), 17274[DOI]

Yazbeck, A. M. ; Tout, K. and P. F. Stadler: Detailed secondary structure models of invertebrate 7SK RNAs. RNA biology, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known[DOI]


Torres, J. : On Sundaram's full bijection. [ARXIV]

Kulkarni, A. ; Ren, Y. ; Sayyary Namin, M. and B. Sturmfels: Real space sextics and their tritangents. [ARXIV]

Gess, B. ; Ouyang, C. and S. Tindel: Density bounds for solutions to differential equations driven by Gaussian rough paths. [ARXIV]

Andersen, J. L. ; Flamm, C. ; Merkle, D. and P. F. Stadler: Chemical transformation motifs : modelling pathways as integer hyperflows. [ARXIV]

Geiß, M. ; Hellmuth, M. ; Long, Y. and P. F. Stadler: A short note on undirected fitch graphs. [ARXIV]
21.12.2017, 10:00