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We have one goal: To provide one of the world's best mathematics libraries.

The library of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences is offering its services mainly to the institute’s scientists. Of course, it is open to all interested visitors.

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Enjoy the benefits of an excellent and inspiring research environment and a dedicated library team including our young talents.

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Our library regularly trains “specialists for media and information services specializing in librarianship”. Find more information here.

All our trainee positions are currently filled. We ask you to please refrain from applying.

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Journal Articles

Harris, C. and D. Lowengrub: The Chern-Mather class of the multiview variety. Communications in algebra, 46 (2018) 6, p. 2488-2499[DOI][ARXIV]

Breiding, P. and N. Vannieuwenhoven: The condition number of join decompositions. SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications, 39 (2018) 1, p. 287-309[DOI][ARXIV]

Felice, D. ; Cafaro, C. and S. Mancini: Information geometric methods for complexity. Chaos, 28 (2018) 3, 032101[DOI][ARXIV]

Hoffmann, A. ; Fallmann, J. ; Vilardo, E. ; Mörl, M. ; Stadler, P. F. and F. Amman: Accurate mapping of tRNA reads. Bioinformatics, 34 (2018) 7, p. 1116-1124[DOI]

Benner, P. ; Khoromskaia, V. and B. N. Khoromskij: Range-separated tensor format for many-particle modeling. SIAM journal on scientific computing, 40 (2018) 2, p. A1034-A1062[DOI]

Portegies, J. W. and C. Sormani: Properties of the intrinsic flat distance. St. Petersburg mathematical journal, 29 (2018) 3, p. 475-528[DOI][ARXIV]

Fagerberg, R. ; Flamm, C. ; Kianian, R. ; Merkle, D. and P. F. Stadler: Finding the K best synthesis plans. Journal of cheminformatics, 10 (2018) 1, 19[DOI]

Hackbusch, W. : Truncation of tensors in the hierarchical format. SEMA Springer series / Sociedad Espanola de Matemática Aplicada, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known MIS-Preprint: 29/2018

Menne, U. and C. Scharrer: An isoperimetric inequality for diffused surfaces. Kodai mathematical journal, 41 (2018) 1, p. 70-85[DOI][ARXIV]

Portegies, J. W. and C. Sormani: Properties of the intrinsic flat distance. Algebra i analiz, 29 (2017) 3, p. 70-143[ARXIV]


Menne, U. : Pointwise differentiability of higher order for sets. [ARXIV]

Lu, J. and F. Otto: Optimal artificial boundary condition for random elliptic media. [ARXIV]

Laux, T. B. and A. Yip: Analysis of thresholding for codimension two motion by mean curvature : a gradient-flow approach. [ARXIV]

Jost, J. and R. Mulas: Hypergraph Laplace operators for chemical reaction networks. [ARXIV]

Hauenstein, J. ; Kulkarni, A. ; Sertöz, E. C. and S. Sherman: Certifying reality of projections. MIS-Preprint: 31/2018[ARXIV]

Fritz, T. and P. Perrone: Bimonoidal structure of probability monads. MIS-Preprint: 30/2018[ARXIV]

Holubec, V. ; Kroy, K. and S. Steffenoni: Efficient numerical solver for time-dependent Fokker-Planck equations. [ARXIV]

Menne, U. : Pointwise differentiability of higher order for distributions. [ARXIV]

Cifuentes, D. ; Harris, C. and B. Sturmfels: The geometry of SDP-exactness in quadratic optimization. MIS-Preprint: 28/2018[ARXIV]
20.04.2018, 13:25