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We have one goal: To provide one of the world's best mathematics libraries.

The library of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences is offering its services mainly to the institute’s scientists. Of course, it is open to all interested visitors.

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Enjoy the benefits of an excellent and inspiring research environment and a dedicated library team including our young talents.


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Our library regularly trains “specialists for media and information services specializing in librarianship”. Find more information here.

For 2017 our trainee positions are already filled. Please refrain from applying.

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New Institute Publications


Journal Articles

Sen, R. ; Doose, G. and P. F. Stadler: Rare splice variants in long non-coding RNAs. Non-Coding RNA, 3 (2017) 3, 23[DOI]

Schmelz, M. ; Grüneisen, S. ; Kabalak, A. ; Jost, J. and M. Tomasello: Chimpanzees return favors at a personal cost. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 (2017) 28, p. 7462-7467[DOI]

Khoromskaia, V. and B. N. Khoromskij: Block circulant and Toeplitz structures in the linearized Hartree-Fock equation on finite lattices : tensor approach. Computational methods in applied mathematics, 17 (2017) 3, p. 431-455 MIS-Preprint: 12/2017[DOI][ARXIV]

Khoromskij, B. N. and S. Repin: Rank structured approximation method for quasi-periodic elliptic problems. Computational methods in applied mathematics, 17 (2017) 3, p. 457-477 MIS-Preprint: 10/2017[DOI][ARXIV]

Matveev, R. and J. W. Portegies: Intrinsic flat and Gromov-Hausdorff convergence of manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded below. The journal of geometric analysis, 27 (2017) 3, p. 1855-1873[DOI][ARXIV]

Yazbeck, A. M. ; Tout, K. ; Stadler, P. F. and J. Hertel: Towards a consistent, quantitative evaluation of microRNA evolution. Journal of integrative bioinformatics, 14 (2017) 1, 20160013[DOI]

Indrischek, H. ; Prohaska, S. J. ; Gurevich, V. V. ; Gurevich, E. V. and P. F. Stadler: Uncovering missing pieces : duplication and deletion history of arrestins in deuterostomes. BMC evolutionary biology, 17 (2017), 163[DOI]

Kanwal, M. S. ; Grochow, J. A. and N. Ay: Comparing information-theoretic measures of complexity in Boltzmann machines. Entropy, 19 (2017) 7, 310[DOI][ARXIV]

Kohn, K. ; Sturmfels, B. and M. Trager: Changing views on curves and surfaces. Acta mathematica Vietnamica, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known MIS-Preprint: 39/2017[ARXIV]

Weber, M. ; Stelzer, J. ; Saucan, E. ; Naitsat, A. ; Lohmann, G. and J. Jost: Curvature-based analysis of connectivity structure in brain networks. Network neuroscience, Vol. not yet known, pp. not yet known[ARXIV]

Olbrich, E. ; Rusterholz, T. ; LeBourgeois, M. K. and P. Achermann: Developmental changes in sleep oscillations during early childhood. Neural plasticity, 2017 (2017), 6160959[DOI]

Seigal, A. and B. Sturmfels: Real rank two geometry. Journal of algebra, 484 (2017), p. 310-333[DOI][ARXIV]

Publications in Books and Conference Proceedings

Andersen, J. L. ; Flamm, C. ; Merkle, D. and P. F. Stadler: Chemical graph transformation with stereo-information. Graph transformation : 10th international conference, ICGT 2017, held as part of STAF 2017, Marburg, Germany, July 18-19, 2017, proceedings / J. de Lara... (eds.).Springer, 2017. - P. 54-69 (Lecture notes in computer science ; 10373) [DOI]

Tikhonov, A. and I. P. Yamshchikov: Music generation with variational recurrent autoencoder supported by history. 13th international symposium on computer music multidisciplinary research (CMMR), Matosinhos, Porto between 25-28th Sptember 2017, revised selected papers (Lecture notes in computer science) [ARXIV]

Atay, F. M. and D. Irofti: A delayed consensus algorithm in networks of anticipatory agents. 2016 European Control Conference (ECC) ; Aalborg, Denmark, June 29-July 1, 2016IEEE, 2016. - P. 1880-1885 MIS-Preprint: 72/2015[DOI]


Sinn, R. and C. Hanselka: Positive semidefinite univariate matrix polynomials. [ARXIV]

Chua, L. ; Kummer, M. and B. Sturmfels: Schottky algorithms : classical meets tropical. MIS-Preprint: 42/2017[ARXIV]

Gess, B. and X. Lamy: Regularity of solutions to scalar conservation laws with a force. [ARXIV]

Gao, J. ; Jiao, Z. ; Hu, C. ; Qiao, L. ; Ren, R. ; Ma, Z. ; Fei, S. ; Vedral, V. and X. Jin: Experimental test of relation between coherence and path information. [ARXIV]

Huszar, A. ; Marcus, S. and M. Ulirsch: Clutching and gluing in tropical and logarithmic geometry. MIS-Preprint: 41/2017[ARXIV]

Academic Theses

Carioni, M. : Existence of calibrations for the Mumford-Shah functional and the reinitialization of the distance function in the framework of Chan and Vese algorithms. Dissertation, Universität Leipzig, 2017

Wu, R. : Analysis of a two-dimensional nonlinear sigma model with gravitino. Dissertation, Universität Leipzig, 2017[FREELINK]

Horstmeyer, L. : Towards a geometric theory of exact lumpability. Dissertation, Universität Leipzig, 2017[FREELINK]

Laux, T. B. : Convergence of phase-field models and thresholding schemes via the gradient flow structure of multi-phase mean-curvature flow. Dissertation, Universität Leipzig, 2017[FREELINK]


Hackbusch, W. : Elliptic differential equations : theory and numerical treatment. Second edition. - Springer, 2017. - XIV, 455 p. (Springer series in computational mathematics ; 18) ISBN 978-3-662-54960-5 [DOI]
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