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Catalogue features - interactive library map, virtual bookshelf, digital enrichments

We created numerous tools and features for our online catalogue to facilitate and accelerate searching and finding media in the library. Moreover, they enable our users to explore the library and make full use of all our services from behind their desks.

Please see also our  eTutorials.

1) The "link box" in the search results view

To get a first impression of the book you are looking for you can find the following features in our OPAC:

  • eBook button: directs to the locally hosted full text, thus providing permanent and unobstructed access
  • button directing to the original full text hosted by the respective publisher
  • drop-down menu with links to contents, preface, index and bibliography

2) The button "Who borrowed this book?"

  •  for checking which colleague borrowed the desired book
  • for informing the library that a further copy is needed

3) The Max Planck Society's external eBook catalogue

The MPG catalogue’s database contains more than 650.000 scientific eBooks that can be accessed from inside any of the Max Planck Society’s facilities. MPG.eBooks

4) The button "show on map" → "bibmate" view

You can also watch our eTutorial for an illustration of this feature.

To further facilitate navigating the library, clicking this button leads to an interactive library map and a virtual bookshelf  - our program "bibmate":

1. Media information and full texts

  • bibliographic information (author, title, call number, etc.)
  • exact location (board, shelf and position), including barcodes of those books standing in front of and behind the respective book
  • link to locally hosted full text and catalogue enrichments
  • QR-Code for displaying the currently visited webpage on a portable device

2. Library map

  • library map including a display of the book's location (blinking shelf)
  • other shelves' contents, displayable via clicking

3. Virtual bookshelf

  • exact photographic representation of the current shelf's content with the book in question blinking (via button "real shelf")
  • a virtually enhanced photographic representation of the current shelf's content, also displaying borrowed media and eBooks (via button "virtually enhanced shelf")
  • virtual bookshelf is zoomable via mouse wheel; clicking individual books updates the displayed webpage
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