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Training to be a FaMI in our library

Since 2003 we train specialists for media and information services specializing in librarianship (German short form: FaMI). Get more information.

The trainees in our library are involved in all processes and routines of the library - acquisition, cataloguing, shelving, database search etc. A personal desk space and computer provide access to all necessary applications and databases. You can read about their experiences on the trainee page.

Our motto is "Everyone can do everything.", which means we know our colleagues's field of work and are able to help out whenever necessary. Any ideas by our trainees to improve the library and the workflow and their active participation in the process of change are appreciated. You can see some of the projects our trainees have completed on the project page.

We also encourage our trainees to acquire additional skills, such as further computer or language skills, depending on their preference. The scientists in our institute come from all over the world, so we use English as a lingua franca. However, trainees and employees of our library have dealt with Japanese, Chinese, Sanskrit and Arabic amongst others in the past.

At least twice the trainees will do a practical training in another library or a library related institution, for example:

  • Leipziger Städtische Bibliotheken (public library of Leipzig)
  • University Library Leipzig
  • State Archive of Saxony Leipzig
  • book binder
  • book store.

They can also visit:

  • a workshop for the handicapped, whose employees work for our library
  • the library conferences of the Max Planck Society
  • the book binder, that we work with.

No task is really unpleasant.

Every employee - a trainee as well as a librarian - is doing his or her job not just because he or she was told to do it, but because he or she identifies with the common goal - to guarantee one of the world's best mathematics libraries.

Please do not apply anymore.

We would like to say thank you for all the interesting applications. All our trainee positions are filled at the moment. We kindly ask you to refrain from applying.

The next vacant trainee position will be announced here.

06.06.2018, 07:23