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Vocational school

The trainees will have block release courses of 4 to 5 weeks each.


  • Archives
  • Information- and media services in the economy
  • Acquisition, transfer and preservation of media and information
  • Indexing of media and information
  • Search, retrieval and mediation of media and information
  • Accountancy / Controlling
  • Data processing
  • German
  • English / English for librarians
  • Latin
  • Russian
  • Sport
  • Social studies
  • Economics and administration

Examination in the 2nd year

After one and a half year of training the level of knowledge is tested in a written examination. Topics are acquisition and indexing, civics and economics, retrieval and accession (containing the field of archives). The examination for each of these subjects will last 60 minutes.

Final examination

After 3 years of training the final examination takes place. Having passed this test the trainees will receive their skilled worker certificates.

  • Written exam
    Acquisition and indexing (exam duration: 120 minutes), civics and economics (90 minutes), retrieval and accession (90 minutes) are the subjects that will be tested.
  • Oral exam
    This test is practice-oriented and tailored to the specific circumstances of the training library. The trainees have 15 minutes time for preparation and will then be tested for 20 minutes.


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