Outline of the seminar, together with some key references (Back to course overview)

Recent Developments Towards a New Theory of Generalisation

Nihat Ay
(The seminar has been prepared in collaboration with Juan Pablo Vigneaux.)

I. Introduction: Classical theory of learning and generalisation

A. Statistical learning theory
B. Capacity measures in SLT: VC-dimension, Rademacher dimension, etc.
  • For A and B, see cf. Bousquet, O., Boucheron, S. and Lugosi, G., 2003, February. Introduction to statistical learning theory. In Summer School on Machine Learning (pp. 169-207). Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.
C. Optimization: Gradient descent and Stochastic Gradient descent
D. VC-dimension of neural networks
  • Bartlett, P.L. and Maass, W., 2003. Vapnik-Chervonenkis dimension of neural nets. The handbook of brain theory and neural networks, pp.1188-1192.

II. Puzzles and challenges posed by recent case studies

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Complementary references:
  • Zhang, C., Liao, Q., Rakhlin, A., Miranda, B., Golowich, N. and Poggio, T., 2018. Theory of deep learning IIb: Optimization properties of SGD. arXiv preprint arXiv:1801.02254.
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And also the talks by:

III. Theoretical perspectives and developments

  • Bartlett, P.L., 1998. The sample complexity of pattern classification with neural networks: the size of the weights is more important than the size of the network. IEEE transactions on Information Theory, 44(2), pp.525-536.
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