Previous Courses

Summer term 2018
André Uschmajew
Low-rank tensor approximation
MPI MIS Leipzig, room G3 10, Thursday 11:00

Jürgen Jost
Geometric and topological methods in data analysis
MPI MIS Leipzig, room A3 01, Friday 13:30

Bernd Sturmfels
Introduction to Algebraic Statistics
TU Berlin / Harnack-Haus, May 25 - 27, whole day

Winter term 2018/2019
Nihat Ay, Guido Montúfar, Christiane Görgen, André Uschmajew
Courses in the IMPRS Ringvorlesung

Nihat Ay
Artificial Neural Networks and Machine Learning: Theoretical Foundations

Paul Breiding
Condition: the geometry of numerical algorithms

Jürgen Jost
Geometric and topological methods for the analysis of data in biology, neurobiology and other fields