Lisa Nicklasson
Max-Planck-Institut für Mathematik in den Naturwissenschaften
Inselstr. 22
04103 Leipzig



Lisa Nicklasson

Research interests

My research is in commutative algebra, and I'm especially interested in Lefschetz properties, Hilbert series, and toric rings.


On the Betti numbers and Rees algebras of ideals with linear powers, Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics Vol. 53, 2021, p. 575-592, DOI 

Subalgebras generated in degree two with minimal Hilbert function, Mathematica Scandinavica Vol. 127(1), 2021, p. 5-27, DOI

Joint with S. Lundqvist, On generic principal ideals in the exterior algebra, Journal of pure and applied algebra Vol. 223 (6), 2019, p. 2615-2634, DOI

Joint with S. Lundqvist, On the structure of monomial complete intersections in positive characteristic, Journal of Algebra Vol 521, 2019, p. 213-234, DOI

The strong Lefschetz property of monomial complete intersections in two variables, Collectanea Mathematica Vol. 69, 2018, p. 359-375, DOI

On the Hilbert series of ideals generated by generic forms, Communications in Algebra Vol. 45, 2017, p. 3390-3395, DOI


Products of polymatroids with the strong exchange property,  arXiv:2101.03081

Joint with R. Fröberg, Gorenstein rings generated by strongly stable sets of quadratic monomials, arXiv:2008.00898

Joint with O. Gasanova and S. Lundqvist, On decomposing monomial algebras with the Lefschetz properties, arXiv:2006.14453


I have written a Macaulay2 package for investigating Lefschetz properties and the Maximal Rank property. MaximalRankProperties

Curriculum vitae

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Nonlinear Algebra group at MPI MiS. Before coming to Leipzig I was a Ph.D. student at Stockholm University.




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