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Alexandros Grosdos

Alexandros Grosdos is a fourth-year PhD student at the University of Osnabrück under the supervision of Tim Römer. His main area of research is algebraic statistics. He had the chance to visit the Non-Linear Algebra group at the MPI on many occasions, not only to participate in the wonderful workshops and schools but also to give a talk at the Non-Linear Algebra Seminar and to collaborate with people in the group.

In his research he uses methods from algebra and geometry to solve problems in statistics, but also vice versa, he enjoys using statistics as a starting point to develop algebra. For instance, computational algebra can be used to efficiently recover the parameters of a distribution from its moments. At the same time, moments give rise to ideas that we want to describe algebraically. In a recent project that included people from the MPI, he had the chance to extend his research to nonparametric statistics and the interplay with geometric combinatorics and polynomial-exponential systems of equations.

Besides mathematics, Alexandros likes reading fiction, with the distribution of books being skewed towards science fiction. He also enjoys traveling, eating good food and traveling to places with good food.

May 8, 2020

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