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Alisha Zachariah

Alisha Zachariah loves working with engineers! She is currently studying sparse estimation problems in signal processing, in the form of applications of representation theory to sparse radar channel estimation. She has big dreams of working in a team to build efficient radars for automated vehicles.

A graduate student at UW Madison, she is a member of the Algorithms in Modern Power Systems (AMPS) team. The group is a mix of mathematicians and engineers who, together, are trying to get a better understanding of the behaviour of the number of real solutions to the power flow equations. This should help answer questions about power system stability.

She loves organizing scientific events because of the unique way they contribute to community building. Her most recent organizational effort was the first student workshop of the Institute for Foundations of Data Science at UW Madison.

Alisha recently visited MPI MiS for the Macaulay2 workshop and gave a talk on "Distribution of the number of real solutions to the power flow equations".

June 6, 2018

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