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Amy Wiebe

Amy Wiebe is a BMS Dirichlet Postdoctoral Fellow with the Discrete Geometry group at Freie Universitaet Berlin. She received her PhD in August 2019 from the University of Washington under the supervision of Rehka Thomas with a thesis on realization spaces of polytopes and matroids. In 2014, she received a Master's degree from Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Jonathan Jedwab with a thesis on complex equiangular lines.

Amy calls herself a die-hard combinatorialist and enjoys tackling problems with connections to different areas of math from a combinatorial perspective. Recently she has been studying problems in discrete geometry with connections to applied algebraic geometry and optimization, but also has a background in the mathematics of information theory and problems relating to digital communications. She enjoys being able to use mathematical software in her research and recently co-authored a Macaulay2 package based on the work of her PhD thesis.

In February 2018, Amy was a visiting researcher at MPI MiS, where she worked on extending a new model for realization spaces to the setting of matroids. She enjoyed the collaborative and lively energy of the institute. Amy hopes it will be possible to visit MPI in person in the future, hopefully, while she is still living in Berlin.

In her free time, Amy enjoys baking, cooking, and traveling to new places where she especially enjoys drinking the wine and trying the food. She also loves attending dance shows and the theatre, and likes to get her exercise by taking a variety of dance classes.

May 28, 2020

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