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Asgar Jamneshan

Asgar Jamneshan is a visiting assistant professor at UCLA. He started his research career in the stochastic analysis and mathematical finance group at HU Berlin. In his PhD thesis (2014), he developed a theory of conditional sets which has connections with topos and model theory. At UCLA, he is working on several projects with researchers in the Analysis group among which is a project where they apply conditional set theory to generalize a structure theory of measure-preserving dynamical systems to the action of uncountable discrete groups.

Asgar's connection to the Nonlinear Algebra family at MPI MiS is through Türkü Özlüm Çelik. He is very grateful for the warm hospitality during several months-long visits (2018 - 2020). The vibrant and connecting atmosphere at the MPI MiS lead to a fruitful and productive collaboration with Bernd, Guido, Lorenzo and Türkü on understanding the combinatorial and algebraic structure of Wasserstein estimators. Asgar hopes to stay connected and continue to work with researchers from the Nonlinear Algebra family.

June 2, 2020

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