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Büşra Sert

Büşra Sert is a PhD student at TU Berlin under the supervision of Mario Kummer. During her master's studies in Istanbul, her research interests concentrated on polyhedral geometry and polyhedral combinatorics. She wrote her thesis on the chamber complex and an algorithm to compute it.

Recently, her research interests moved on the direction of real algebraic geometry. During her PhD studies, she enjoys combining tools from combinatorics and geometry, such as matroids and matroid polytopes, with her research on real rootedness of multiaffine polynomials.

She loves meeting new people, exchanging ideas with them, and expanding her mathematical knowledge. In that aspect, she appreciates the seminars and workshops MPI MiS organizes. She is especially happy to follow online NASO seminars and continue learning.

When she is not doing maths, Büşra enjoys drawing, learning new languages, reading classical literature and philosophy, and traveling (but not during the pandemic).

May 6, 2020

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