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Carlos Améndola

Carlos Améndola completed his PhD as a member of the Nonlinear Algebra group at TU Berlin, supervised by Bernd Sturmfels and co-advised by Christian Haase.

His research interests are centred around algebraic statistics, a fascinating area that bridges commutative algebra and algebraic geometry with probability and statistics. The mantra is that statistical models are semialgebraic sets, which means they can be expressed by polynomial equations and polynomial inequalities. His PhD thesis focuses on Gaussian mixtures, a widely used and flexible statistical model, studied from the algebraic perspective.

Currently a postdoc at TU Munich, Carlos is part of both the Mathematical Statistics group and the Optimization and Data Analysis group. His current projects aim to strengthen the connections between algebra and statistics. They include an algebraic study of models used in time series analysis and also explorations into the emerging field of tropical statistics.

Carlos is a frequent visitor of MPI MiS, enjoying the discussions and collaborations with its members and benefiting from the instructive seminars, conferences and workshops held at the institute.

August 20, 2018


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