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Charles Wang

Charles Wang is a PhD student at Harvard University under the supervision of Bernd Sturmfels and Lauren Williams.

His main research interests lie at the intersection of combinatorics and algebraic geometry. One major aspect of the latter is the study of varieties and schemes, which are generalizations of familiar geometric objects like parabolas and spheres.

He is interested in understanding the form of combinatorial data that controls geometric objects. Among the varieties he is investigating are toric varieties, Grassmannians, and flag varieties.

At MPI MiS this summer, he is studying a cluster structure on the Lagrangian Grassmannian determined by plabic graphs, and he plans to use structure to understand toric degenerations of these varieties. Another project he is working on concerns toric varieties arising from hyperplane arrangements: he wants to understand the connection between the combinatorial data of the hyperplane arrangement and the geometric data of the toric variety.

When Charles is not studying math, he enjoys hiking, reading, karaoke, and tinkering with code.

June 29, 2018


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