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Christiane Görgen

Christiane Görgen is a Minerva Fast Track Fellow at MPI MiS. She is head of the Algebraic Statistics group.

Christiane obtained her PhD from the University of Warwick where she started actively working on problems on the boundary between methodological statistics and real algebraic geometry. Her research in this field focusses on graphical models, in particular on discrete models which can be represented by colored probability trees. Some of her recent results form part of the book "Chain Event Graphs" she has jointly written with her PhD supervisor Jim Smith and her academic brother Rodrigo Collazo.

Broadly, Christiane is interested in questions arising in statistical inference, model validation, causal discovery, and machine learning. More specifically, she is currently designing new methods which use algebraic techniques in order to tackle problems in classifying properties of colored probability trees which can be used in causal inference, and she is applying some of her skills in an applied analysis concerning a dataset on soil biodiversity.

August 29, 2018


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