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Dani Kaufman

My name is Dani Kaufman, and I am currently a postdoc at the University of Copenhagen.

I work on Cluster Algebras and their applications to higher Teichmüller theory, polylogarithm relations and scattering amplitudes. I am currently working on applying cluster algebras to a generalization of total positivity in Lie groups called “theta positivity”. I am also working on understanding the symmetry groups of infinite cluster algebras, and I hope to apply these results to aid in the computations of new polylogarithm relations and scattering amplitudes.

I first came to MPI in March 2022 to speak in a meeting on Feynman integrals about the relationship between cluster algebras and polylogarithm functions.

Besides math, I like to spend time outside in nature hiking, biking and whitewater kayaking. I also like to play my guitar and modular synthesiser.




March 29, 2022

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29.03.2022, 14:27