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Enis Kaya

Enis Kaya is a final year PhD student at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands under the supervision of J. Steffen Müller. His research is in algorithmic arithmetic geometry, where explicit methods, number theory and algebraic geometry come together.

For a prime number p, he plays with "p-adic" versions of classical objects, such as p-adic integrals, p-adic L-functions, p-adic modular forms, etc. This naturally makes him a member of the society of p-adicts. Until now, he turned a blind eye to 2, which is the oddest prime number. Prime numbers come in two types: good and bad. Woefully, bad primes have an undeserved reputation of being uninteresting and not so useful, which explains the name. In his research, he mostly works with bad primes to back them up. He can convince people that bad primes might be "good".

Starting in October, Enis will be a postdoctoral researcher in our Nonlinear Algebra group where he will be working on algorithmic aspects of tropical geometry and related topics. He is super excited about this! Enis spends most of his leisure time reading, writing, cooking and traveling around the world.

Enis Kaya


May 25, 2021

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